Anniversary tokens. What do you have in last 12 hours?


I feel everybody have the same character dépends hour when you pull it.
In my faction, everybody have spencer in thé last day, another day it s Annah.

Give your résults :wink:


I’ve done 3 pulls so far red Andrea Anna and Spencer all 5*s


In last 12 hours?

Because I really feel it depends the day you pull it.


4 pulls. All dupes including not one but two Richards and of course the obligatory Zeke. Anniversary tokens? More like complete disappointment tokens again for me


So many people pulled few days ago, so many Garrett’s… I’m saving mine for 40 more days


I’ve got six star Jesus and 5 star Garret and Romanov so far, 50 more till my fourth pull


A teammate: richard
À Guy from m’y ex faction: richard
Twice this euro morning


Just pulled Romanov as a 6


I pulled 5* romanov on my baby account 3-4 days ago


5* Jesus, 5* Andrea

6* Tyreese

Ben Hill:
6* Dante

5* Gov, 5* Gov, 6* Romanov, 5* Garrett

6* Dante, 6* Connor, 5* Alpha

5* Jesus, 5* Zeke, 6* Romanov


U play in a lot of regions


3 mainly. The others are noob accounts created for log in tokens and did the 99 cent low level offer :man_shrugging:


Ahh I see yeah I’m in 70 different regions myself actually only play in 1 tho


and gaurd 2 6* zeke lost the ss for some reason

The dollar offer on newer accounts


Got 5* Connor today in my alt region. Sigh.


I got blue michonne 6*, only had one pull so far


3 pulls. Michonne, Alpha, dupe Richard.





That is so far from the truth, RNG is not time sensitive