Anniversary tokens PROBLEM


my faction and I moved from the region yesterday, everything was fine until all the people began to receive their medals of the 3 * anniversary except us, although our “candles” have already been updated

, but we have not received the medals of our respective ranking of cakes and the 30 of compensation, I would appreciate an answer because the support only scrubs me automatic answers in the face. regards!


I have this problem as well. The tokens were sent to my old region. Support seems to be ignoring those of us with this issue, I have yet to see anyone even get a response to address it.


Im in the same boat


Your not losing out on much. Your gonna get equivalant pulls from 5* token.

3 pulls so far.
1 alpha
2 richard
3 connor
3 is craftable. 2 is in rts wheel an 2 an 1 are in 5*token.
Pulls are skewed. May aswell be skewered. Cause they impail your heary with disappointment


better luck for the next


Same here, first rewards and now second went to my old region :confused:


I am facing the same problem as well.
Transferred from from my old region to a new one shortly after the cake event round 1 ended.
Now i have 75 tokens lying there and so far,support has not replied me back.
@JB.Scopely can you please have a look and fix it please.


please come on We nEED help


Still have yet to get mine for the same reason @JB.Scopely


Yeah, contacted support 2 times already, no response there.


I had them send my rewards to my old region I contacted them and they responded:


I’m having an issue also. I transferred regions and my cake count did not update until after round 1 finished so now it looks like all my rd 1 cakes are counting towards rd 2


They have not responded to me as well.
I havent even gotten any yet


@Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely please help, we need answers


The cake count wasn’t even correct when the the cake round one was over I was missing cakes that didn’t count towards my total and I got a lower teir score which screwed me out of 15 tokens which will make a big difference by the time this is all said and done and if I worked for those cakes it should count towards my total and it isn’t right that customer service will not help all they do is send out the same copy paste answers and we can’t get any kind of help on this issue I’ve pm @JB.Scopely to get some assistance on this issue and haven’t heard back from here either this isn’t right that we can’t get the propper help when we have issues something needs to be done


well we’ll have to wait for it to be Monday


And because our old regions are closed, we can’t access them! We don’t even have alt accounts in our old regions. I’m still waiting for mine. Support eventually replied to me last night, saying to wait 24 hours. If nothing, contact them back. 7 hours before I contact them again haha


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