Anniversary Token Stash completed

so I completed it twice, we have yet quite some time left and plenty of banners to collect so I guess converting them to tokens makes no longer sense? any ideas Scopley?

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Do you really expect an official answer?

So it only refreshes once?

You will never get a response on the forums from anyone youd have to go to discord and I’m 4 off from completing it a 2nd time so that’s some bs if it’s only twice

yes 7 chars

Sitting on crap tokens can’t cash them in no more.

How about converting these banners to sr cans since that is a bp mission to use 4 sr refills :woman_shrugging:t3:

In the same boat just finished it the 2md time just little bit ago and now what idk why theylimited the amount of times for completion

The number of tokens was clearly finite since day1… so even if the stash refreshed a 2nd time, you couldn’t pull on it. So why raise the point now?

By the way they made it sound it was just gonna keep refreshing when completed I didnt know til a few completed it a 2nd time that that was the limit

And I have only bought 1 offer back when it started so I havent spent on it which is good cause now theres useless banners for the ones who have completed it twice just think they could of made it infinite number of times instead of only twice

Seems like a bad business decision for it to not keep refreshing. Less incentive for people to buy banners.

Cakes is the incentive to buy banners… once you got Kenny, you can turn to S-class cards…

yes, the stash is nice, but c’mon, do you really think it’s worth putting cash through?

I didn’t say no incentive I said less incentive.

There are plenty of spenders complaining about this so surely that means a potential loss of revenue.

Some have already spent money, completed the cake missions and now the banners are useless. If you’re earning/buying an item there should be some use for it.

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Those guys :man_facepalming:t2:

Dude, when you finish your xbox or ps4 game, do you go to the editors website and complain you still have gems, gold, points or whatever to waste ??

No ?

So get a life and go smell some fresh air outside.

Congrats, you finished the event.

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