Anniversary token duplicate pulls pt2


Above thread is closed but the conversation isn’t.

Just pulled third Red Richard, three consecutive Richards.

@JB.Scopely please recommend to the powers that be that they implement an amnesty where players that have more than two of one character turn them in for equal anniversary tokens.

This event has been ok, the multiple pulls of the same character has taken a lot of shine off of it though.

It’s a failure.

I have two Richards that are taking roster spots, I would like to trade them in for two tokens and take my chances at unique character.

Four pulls.

One Garret
Three Richards.

Rng indeed.

It’s broken.

@JB.Scopely be our voice and have this issue addressed, please.


Three Airis
RNG crazy


I hate these dupes I’ve pulled 3 erikas and 2 magna’s from this wheel smfh


Damn bro that sucks


A couple of members in my faction have 3 Zeke or 3 govs… not cool


Not as bad as pulling 3 Erikas. I’d just quit if I had such bad luck


two gov and Spencer, will be at 95 tokend after war lol


3 zekes.
3 govs.

Granted i have pulled, anna, romo, dante, red jesus…

Still bothers me that 6 pulls have been trips


just pulled a 5* Blue Garret this morning. So add that to the list. He is new to me, so Im happy about it.


Thats a lot of crimson Dicks. :joy:


7 Pulls:
-2 Richards.
-1 Spence
-2 Aris.
-1 Anna
-1 Alpha
And all 5*
Play more than 3 years. No Revive, no shield :frowning_face:


While I agree that for the players this has been a failure and a disappointment, for the Scopely bean counters, this has been a roaring success as people coin it to get one pull that was worth something.


This whole event has been a wash for me

5* Richard
5* gov
5* Spencer
5* Spencer
5* Spencer
5* Richard

How with all the different toons is it possible to get so man duplicates??? Lame AF!


Glad I’m not the only one.

4x red jesus, all 5-star
2x red richard, all 5-star

Tournament benedicts are more valuable to me than this trash.


While that sucks, your playtime pre-6s isnt really relevant. 6s was basically a restart of the game. Legacy ascendables are stuck in the pipeline while new ascendables are being pumped out on a weekly basis. It doesn’t really matter how good of bad you were in the 5*s era at all. People have had plenty of time to catch up in weapons.



Help us out brother, dupes are out of control.


Yellow ty yes with revive :joy: and 2 Anna’s 6 and 5 version


So the general consensus is that basically everyone who did three or more pulls got duplicates?

Is this RNG really random, then? It certainly doesnt look that way. It looks more like specific toons are rigged to drop at specific times. Which has been my suspicion for a while now. I always seem to get batches of traits, like I’ll get four leaders in a day, for example, creating artificial scarcity of the required levelling items.


I got 2 govs back to back, both 5* lol.


6* Kal
5* Kal
Red Jesus
Blue Garrett having just got him from salvage the day before


4 depot govs, 3 of them were in a row. At least I got a 6* Spencer, but also a dupe Connor. And I already had a depot Gov maxed… God I hate this game… Why the hell do I continue to punish myself?