Anniversary token duplicate pulling


I’ve been seeing people pulling the same toon over and over. A few faction mates have pulled the same toon 3 times in a row. Thought pulling duplicates were minimized. Anyone else getting the same toon every time?


2 govs expecting a 3rd when I pull again


Yeah something’s broken.


2 anna…2, hope to not earn another pull honestly


2 Richards on one account, 1 richard on another account.


2 Spencer In one account and one sepencer in another account.
Gonna made another pull tomorrow in second account but don’t want second Spencer there too


All the toons in the wheel. No reason to be pulling the same toon


5 pulls, no dupes so far :stuck_out_tongue:




2 zekes and 2 dantes


Three red Governors and just pulled my second yellow Zeke

(Edit to clarify) i have 2 zekes already, i have pulled 2 more from this event alone. Total of 4 guardian Zeke. 4. With the 3 red Gov from this event I now have 6 Red Gov. Dear Lord.

I. Am. Ready. To pull what little bit of hair I have left in my head out of my skull.


Happy about the first…


I’m expecting 3rd Connor


My pulls… :put_litter_in_its_place:


Lucky tokens weren’t any better

I don’t expect anything to change with these tokens


Red Jesus, Connor, Aris and especially Anna have been pulled the most from what I’ve seen smh.


Your set with that.


So far I have gotten all 5 stars ugh


Rate my pulls someone?


Siddiq is good though.


three garetts in a row, a zeke and aris, this terrible man…