Anniversary Stash reset!

I finished my War stash only to find that my anniversary stash refreshed itself! I had a few pulls in already!

You should like totally retire…again…of again… …again… :rofl::rofl::vulcan_salute:


Thought you quit

@everyone The fix for the issues above is currently being deployed, if you don’t see it already you should expect to see it within the hour. Note that War Stash progress should not be lost in this instance, if your progress appears to be missing please reach out to Customer Support. Additionally, if your anniversary stash progress has been lost, please reach out to CS as well. Thank you for your patience.

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Yeah same

Thank you for the info

Scopely informed customers with Discord of this but not the 1k forum users. We aren’t important enough

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I’m very curious out of those 1k forum users, how many also use Discord

I can’t because discord discriminates against certain people by insisting you give them your phone number :pensive: the forum is all I have.

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Waaay more than 1k. I remember looking at a thread I made last year about the bucket gate and it had far more individual views. Can you still see individual views on a computer/laptop btw?

Pretty sure you can view discord servers in a browser without a phone number.

Edit: actually it looks like you just need to take an alternate route to get your account verified. Google should have help how to do it. Look for something recent, not from 2017.

I’ve only ever tried accessing it on my phone, which I use pretty much everything for, and that just takes me straight to a download app page.

Don’t want to have to use my computer every time I want to check on info for a mobile game. It’s absurd. If they asked everyone for their phone number I wouldn’t mind so much, but they don’t.

Edit: thanks for that link. I’ll take a look. Not sure how safe that is though!

I opened the discord link in incognito mode and got a login page.

Not sure that the info would be relevant or is relevant. If Scopely have information to share and customers are using preexisting platforms to gain, share and provide feedback on, then it would be logical to ensure that Scopely duplicates information. Because it’s about the customer experience.

Preferably to reach all Scopely customers, Scopely would just have that in game as a separate tab in the inbox if possible.

That is customer service. Ensuring all your customers, regardless if you plan to close down a platform or not, should always be made available to all customers. An educated customer is better than a customer left in the dark who has to search for reason why when it could easily be communicated.

E.g. the inventory when levelling up a toon charging customers if they use a 1 million food bag from there. Scopely know of this customer support has info and SS of this yet customers are left in the dark. They then do this action and are charged coins. They then have to contact support who already know about this and have to wait for further instructions. In this case make sure you have food so they can refund. No apology no nothing… you have to make sure you have enough food (not taking into account that customers get raided and lose food and rep by doing this - I’ve been raided 8 times already) cos for some reason they require food, rather than saying we apologise for this, the function isn’t working as intended and we have refunded the coins that were taken away from you.

2 days this has gone on for a customer. If Scopely educate customers and are honest. X isn’t working as intended to please do not use X until it has been fixed, if you do please contact CS with xyz, via in game communication. Then customers would be more likely to avoid this issue, less frustration, loss of rep or losing out on offers or premium toons cos they could of been saving those coins to use and potentially missed out on an offer, Saves CS resources cos they would deal with less enquiries.

It just takes thinking about the customer, thinking about their experience on Scopelys product and potential impact. It’s not about how many ppl use one product or not, it’s about getting x information to as many customers as possible so they can have a better experience and avoid anything that could detail it… cos all of it effects or could effect revenue, retention but more importantly, the customer experience on Scopelys product.

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All I said was I am curious how many users use both platforms. Has nothing to do with being relevant or not, I’m just curious. Nothing to do with customer experience and what Scopely should or should not be doing.

Cool ones Opie :+1:

not me. i dont want another chat app on my phone, id rather use the official forums but you dont find out shit here so meh lol


scopley and customer support/experience do not go together.

Now scopley and our wallets they seem to match up

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Well, when they don’t even have a CM who engages customers, does polls, creates topics they actually interact in to gain a better customer insight, your probably right on that. No wonder we now have customers thinking that they are responsible for the customer feedback for a billion dollars company. Smh

I don’t use discord cause I don’t want another chat app on my phone. I know we can view it on a browser however now that I work at the hospital I can’t use the browser for personal cause they track it (we can’t even order food). With the pandemic and virtual learning, my kids use both laptops and tablets for school. My phone is all I have so the forums is what I use.

I have to go to the car in the parking garage to use my browser on my phone.