Anniversary stash missing

Hello in the beginning of anniversary event, i immediately collect 300 flag and opened 5 times anniversary stash, after that total war stash diseppeared and u upload total war stash again and my anniversary stash is resetted too, i dont know why but now i cant finish the stash again. Because its out of stock. Anyone have same issue with me ?

As you can see in the pictures, i can have 17 more token but i need 19 to finish.(they gave 180 free for another bug i guess so i only have 2 missing)

This would be your second completion, only other way to complete it a second time or more is to spend on tokens - needs to be something else to do with banners imo as well, not sure why it would be limited.

My faction mates didnt opened first day so they r able to finish second stash , they r ahead 5 from me

The only thing youll miss out on is a second avatar which is not really a big deal, you still get the same amount of opens.

No I think he is right. I have 12 tokens left to claim and 9 more opens to complete the stash. I haven’t bought any banners throughout the event.

It seems like he is down an extra couple of pulls due to the reset bug.

@Thor45 you could try contacting support? But it’s probably a long shot.

Actually it’s not a long shot. Support should fix this for anyone who opened before the stash was reset.


He still got those pulls though right? It just didn’t add to the accumulation total for the stash?

True, I didn’t think of it that way.

But if he is aiming for specific reward that is a problem … …for example he wanted sr can … completing 2 times guarantee 14 sr can but in his situation he might only get 7 can even he gets equal amount of pull on stash…i know there is also chance that he could get 21 can but you know what i am saying because you are always saying guarantee is better that rng,right? :slightly_smiling_face:

yup I get that, but they handed out extra claims for that I believe at the start because of the stash reset issue, to get more (again) would be unlikely

Yeah they handed out 3 pull for that … and op did 5 pull before the reset so he is still at disadvantage but … i dont see any where he is asking for more pull to be handed out …he is just saying “i am having this problem,is anyone else also having this problem” :slightly_smiling_face:

The only way to get back the missing tokens is contacting support. I did it and got them back.

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