Anniversary Stash Completion Reward

I just got to know, is there a reason why we received Quentin, a completely useless 1 star character as a completion reward for the Anniversary Stash? Is there some hidden meaning behind it? Is he going to be essential in some future mission?

he is an avatar… useful as profile pic only, like the pancake guy


You get that fancy dancy 5 on the left as a picture

Like the others have said, but this time with a picture :slight_smile:

He’s just for use as an avatar.

It’s the same as the WoC badges…

Maybe time focus for special avatar slots?

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As I said in the global chat, those avatars are useless, they just take up space for what could be an interesting reward more, of all those 1 star character avatars I have obtained I have not placed any, I find them ridiculous and a joke for those who get them :man_shrugging:

Yeah, but avatars is not bad, maybe working on avatars slot, my guest is not bad idea.

They don’t. If they wanted to do put in anything else, they could just reward a box with the avatar and whatever else they wanted to give you. It’s the avatar or nothing, and I’ll take the avatar.

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I like the Avatar’s. Right now I’m running around in the game as a stack of pancakes from the April Fools Day event.


I think it’s a nice little way to acknowledge 5 years of the game. If you don’t like the avatar or need that 1 roster slot so badly, sell it.


Kenny and his black market collection is the actual reward. Avatar is just something fun and a bonus


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