Anniversary Special - WTH

Always check offers, sometimes there is free stuff. Looked at the anniversary special, $2.99 and was like maybe there is some good stuff, with it being an anniversary special and all…nope, typical shamplay garbage.

20 (need 100 for a pull) anniversary tokens
and 200 each red and orange balloons (need 1000k for museum pull)

Can’t even give their players enough for a pull for $3. But there are 6 available so for the low price of $15 you can get your pulls. SMH.

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Saw it bought it without properly looking - my bad accept it - but why oh why have weird amounts of tokens in it?


Lmao that offer, What a shame


What the epic offer left from it?

A 25% chance at the bêta pictured. I got two epic offers to choose from.

I would probably have spent the money to get any of the toons outright, but the chance of the keys/ice cream cones put me off.


I believe it has a chance of getting Red Beta or 3 other things, all of which have 25%.

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It’s about deception. They know some won’t even look at the quantity and buy it and then feel forced to buy 4 more times to get enough for a pull


Got these two from the crates


I bought the one an only the one… blame Saturday beers…

As for the other offers few in my faction bought them and got the actual advertised toons

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Я купил ящик и получил Карла. Меня все устроило. Потому что именно его и хотел

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