Anniversary Rewards



Is anyone else experiencing an issue where they transferred regions a few days before the anniversary event ended and not receiving the rewards from the anniversary 2nd round and final candle count? @JB.Scopely I have messaged support numerous times and keep getting the same response overall that I’m basically screwed because “rewards have already been distributed.” I’ve provided my account info and pictures with no progress in getting my rewards.


The only response you will get from support will be ‘the anniversary rewards have already been distributed and no further rewards will be awarded’

I’ve seen a few people get that response.


That seems to be their official stance. For what it’s worth, I did not transfer and am in the same boat.
Best we can do right now is support each other in keeping the issue visible and keep track of every support interaction we have. Good luck!


Yeah this is what I keep getting. I had gone to the scopely support web page and sent in all my info and everything. Got an email shortly after that the ticket was being closed the conversation was getting picked up in game. Didnt hear anything for a day so I messaged in game. Their reply was this again… @JB.Scopely


I transferred and my 30 tokens were sent to my old region, the same as the first round. The Garrett, inexplicably but thankfully, was sent to both. The first round they fixed it, the second round I got the same automated response for 2 weeks before getting this little nastygram.

@JB.Scopely Is Scopely’s official stance that the level 5 toon there was the one that earned the rewards?


That’s a new one. @JB.Scopely should we continue to open tickets only to get impolite auto-responses like this one?


They should be able to look into our accounts and history to see I we have ACTUALLY received these rewards. There was an instance a few years ago I thought I hadn’t received my rewards from a raid event that I did actually receive and they messaged me back saying they looked into my account and saw the reward. That being said @JB.Scopely why can’t support go into my account and look at my transactions and see what was distributed or in this case, not distributed. I tested that theory a few times back when the game first started to see if your support crew were liars. And came to the conclusion they were not. You know you can look and see what money I’ve spent, what rewards I’ve earned and what characters, weapons and so on that I have. So, take the time to please your customers and do so. I spend 10 to 20 dollars a month for stuff in this game so I am your customer, treat me like I matter.


I will continue to bump this thread with their garbage responses daily until someone actually looks into the issue.


Keep at it. Feel free to post here and tag developers here. If you know of anyone else experiencing the issue tell them to do the same. It is outrageous.


Same here, I haven’t received my anniversary tokens neither did I get garret and support keeps sending the same responses back.


So @JB.Scopely is there anything you guys can do? Support doesnt want to help but it’s not that difficult to do.


Is that support person’s name pronounced Marginal?? Holy ironic, Batman


Day 5, the responses are getting worse, but still we persist.





How many people did marginal copy and paste this to?


And the original question that was a reply to @JB.Scopely


I’m still getting the same responses as yous and I haven’t received my garret and tokens in any region…


Come on scopely. A little good faith would go a long way here. I do not want to be told you don’t feel like giving me something I’ve earned.


I keep getting told by support that the rewards have been sent and they can’t do anything about this, How is that fair I got enough candles to receive the legendary garret and havent received him in any of my regions…