Anniversary rewards sent to wrong region


Anniversary rewards were sent to a region I transfered out of almost 2wks ago. How do I get them sent to the right region? They haven’t been claimed. @JB.Scopely


+1 @JB.Scopely


Bullshit thats its happened to you…

But ahahahhaha what 1.5-2 days for rewards and still screwed it up. Splenderous


@JB.Scopely same thing happened here. Rewards were sent to the region I transferred out of a couple weeks ago.


Uggghhh man you guys will just complain about anything jeez…

Be patient an bear with us man.

Its not like you guys had to wait almost 2 days just for it to be sent to the wrong place.

Errr ohhhh wait…

While you wait another few days if you ever see your rewards at all why dont you go ahead an give us some more cash up front an pull for our distraction toon!

It sure takes the mind off all that fake news about “mistakes” shady practices ya know all that stuff any sane logical person would be able to spot as b.s in a moments glance but JB hops on an assures us it only walks and quacks like a duck but its obviously a goat durrrr…


Yep 30 tokens and elite player token went to my old region I am missing my 6 star and 60 tokens


This happened to me the last time we got the rewards. Contact support in the game. They can help. I had to re-join my old region and claim them there. Then, they were able to transfer them to my new region. It did take a few days, though, since support is so slow lately. :pensive:


Same here


@JB.Scopely some help with this would be nice. Support keeps sending a repeat of the same message


How do you know? I ask honestly, i have not transferred yet so am not sure what you can see or not in messages. but if you are no longer in that region, how do you know the rewards are sent there? can you still see the region you left?


I transfered just before the 1st candle event ended and after setting up a baby account in my old region the rewards were sent there, support sorted me out. eventually


thanks, i know I will be transferring eventually somewhere, and just want to know what to be on the lookout for, and what could possibly go wrong.


I made an alt after I transferred, and they were there


@JB.Scopely a response would be nice, anytime now!! Support is worthless and alot of people have this same issue


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