Anniversary Pull #3 Video


Time for third times a charm in the Anniversary Wheel. Here you will see the newest (unless it’s a damn dirty stinkin dupe) survivor joining the Trollster’s Roster and based on if it’s a premier, dupe or non premier will dictate the ending skit of the video.

Watch and find out!

Who did you all end up getting for your 3rd pull? Did you beat my pull lol? Let us know!


Definitely couldn’t beat that pull.


Already got that pull well as a 5* gov


The reaction made me laugh. Well done video as always


You’re editing is seriously amazing I was in tears hahaha


Loved the video lol


Almost three minutes for one pull of zeke and that’s it? Should have saved all your pulls for one video


Don’t like this video? Make your own


Hey @Miia did you just get your forum police badge?

Lmao :rofl::laughing: