Anniversary Event thoughts

They need to just scrap this so called event immediately, worst pointless event everIMG_2975 !


what exactly u want to hear from us yah it is a crap event… but who cares when u already know scopley dont care what player base want.

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It’s their birthday and they’ll make us cry if they want to!


they already are no metter birthday or deathday

Even though Sergio is as useless as a poopy flavored lollipop it still will be a huge insult to ftp if they can’t complete the stash

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Defo and it is looking that way at the moment☹️

It would just show what they really think about ftp… again

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Sadly, im afraid that may be the idea.

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My thoughts:

—unlike previous anniversary events (or events in general), nothing is given away, seems like you work for what you’ve get.

—Sergio is probably one of the worst f2p options due to how unreliable his damage output is (the 20% is probably a lie tbh). And his active skill is average at best assuming the 20% thing goes off. Manic was a great skill on Charlie due to his weapon, Sergio has nothing like that to help him reach manic range.

Overall this event is probably one of the worst we’ve gotten compared to events of the past…

P.S. who remembers the f2p event for Tripp… the good ol’ days.

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