Anniversary event Sergio stash

Hey guys how far have you gotten in stash? This is how far I got only asking cause lot of people have him already. I don’t have SC kinda think the stash should be longer but then again I didn’t get all the balloons cause I don’t have the resources to get halfway milestones every event.

17/30. But I did get all the balloons…

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Do you have SC?

*Flashes F2P pass*


Well you get what you pay for and I didn’t pay for it. Lol

I’ve seen some people already with him

Ahhh. I just saw whale and I don’t usually belong in the same room as that word

And @Super_useless change your picture. You always catfish me lol


The problem with this game is right in your question.

Stop spending money on anything with this slot machine

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16/30 :sleeping:

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I got the free trial

8/30 in stash 2 :joy:

i got him , i had sc but now i unsub my subscription

Not even trying for him

He’ll be sitting t1 level 1 five star for a long time. Maybe if they make ascension free one day.

I got him, want him? He’s likely never going to get ascended.

This is coming from someone who has so many medals and no one to ascend.

I’m fairly a new player, so 5/30 :joy:
ok with it though, he’s not worth ascending, along with decap Romanov (18.5k plushies)… 4* Joey is better than these 2 lol

Got him. Won’t use him.

Think only spenders would have him at this point.

only if u call sc holder a spender thn yes