Anniversary Cake Leaderboard (Round 1) - Rewards Update


On a recent delivery of Week 1 rewards for the Anniversary Cake Leaderboard (Round 1), some players were incorrectly sent 30 additional Year 3 Tokens. To ensure all players efforts on the leaderboards are treated fairly, we have sent out an additional 30 Year 3 Tokens to all players who met the following criteria:

  1. You placed on the Anniversary Cake Leaderboard (Round 1)
  2. You were not apart of the group of players who already received an additional 30 Year 3 Tokens in a separate inbox message.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive these tokens in your inbox.


Kudos for dealing with this issue quickly and positively. Great to see and massive progress compared to prior experiences. Well done.


Well played Scopely. Thank you for sorting this out quickly


Nice job job


Thank you! For the communication and also clarifying that those who already got x2 won’t be getting x3 :+1:t2:


Hope this happens again in the next 12 or so days. Could use the boost.


Thank you @JB.Scopely . Great job on correcting this issue. Nice outcome for everyone here


What about us who got the reward sent to the wrong region because of transfers?


Can I please get my original tokens as well? I have had any still! Please @JB.Scopely


Damn scopely. Daaaaaayum


I just saw that my bonus tokens got sent to my old region aswell


But what about the players who didn’t get the right amount of tokens in the first place my leader board for both cakes and candles is still messed up and cs won’t help at all @JB.Scopely


Agree. I placed among the top 1000. Got 30 instead of 45 tokens.


Thank @JB.Scopely

Best response I think we’ve ever seen from Scopely related to an issue.

Thank you


Same here


Seems very fair to everyone, this coming from someone who got 30×2 tokens.


Good bless you @JB.Scopely thanks for this.


This? I’ve reached out to support but they have yet to respond.


Holy shit balls! They did right by the players? Scopely are you well? Seriously though, good job.


Ha. The one time I benefited from a scopely error, they decide to do the right thing and compensate everyone :joy::joy:. But seriously, right thing to do. Good job.