Anna's weapon bugged?

I’m getting that community participation up. I can’t wait to go from CM Trainee to CM :nerd_face:


If that’s what you are going for you need to deflect every question better . The proper response is I’m gonna take it to my team and then not ever respond again


im asking if any of people here discussed this subject before.

Thanks for the concern @Paytoplay ! I’ll take it to the team.


Yeeehhhsssss lol now you have it

Buffs that appear in a bubble over the toon don’t stack. If you sometimes see a +50%, it’s not from the weapon but from something else (another toon’s AR or something).

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Put stun on it :woman:


Put a ring on it bae

Buffs don’t stack, only the highest buff is kept

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ok, but why did they named it +25% attack and not gain 25% attack. the + sign suggests that it adds to the one already applied. they have mighty trouble writing something with sense…

That’s not entirely true. Buffs from specialist skills like “hold the line” or “berserker” will stack with another def or attack buff from AR/active/weapon.

Someone could just as easily assume gain 25 attack to mean it’s stackable.

anna stacks all attack buffs…ive had her with over 400 attack bonus…assuming berserkers stack attacks…her 25% is “better” chance…first bubble saying + 25 is used on the attack just taken…can proc again next hit giving 50 attck bonus for one attack, then 25 for the second attack ( unless procs again)

Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you

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You’re correct, but that’s specific to those skills, this weapon is just a static attack buff as far as I can tell.

I can see why this would be confusing

They’re talking about the weapon not her berserker

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