Angel letter offers

I just bought the “N” & “L” letters from the offer for 200 coins however I still need those letters in the “ANGEL” word. Please help @GR.Scopely

You buy letter for the teddy
To get the silver ascendance you have to do the choirs

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Did you collect the Teddy?

SMH more people buying stuff without even knowing what it’s for

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If it’s in offers they will buy it…suckers born everyday


Na neither one of the letters counted

I didnt get the teddy thats why i made the post

show me a printscreen then

You mean this?

Yes those is for silver asc medallions not the one teddy

Buying L and N do not complete those missions. Those missions you took a picture of reward an L or an N for completing an action. You don’t get credit for completing an action just by getting the reward from somewhere else. All buying those letter does is give credit for the completion of the teddy bears. There are two mission sets there. One for completing actions, one for collecting letters.

Smh … This company and its minions throwing bucks at it should all get sent to a virgin island where we would never hear from them anymore !!

In the meantime, some real decent developper company should come and overtake this app.

Lets all pray 2020 for that :pray:

That’s not for the Teddy that’s the 2nd part of the mission for silver medals.

The teddy mission has lower case letters

Why does this topic open up with every new word? They all work the same. :man_facepalming:t2:

Wow dam, ok thnx

Can you show a picture of the progress for the teddy bear?

Like this

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