Angel Good or Bad Toon

Shes the reason that f2p players without powerful roster can easily beat some Mercer - doc Stevens combos, at least those, where doc Stevens isnt moded and hp buffed to survive Angel.

Angel is a one trick pony.
She shuts down doc and Aarav, if there’s no doc or Aarav on the opposing side she’s nothing but a wasted space. Extremely useless and does nothing at all.
Her damage output is basically on par with Marlon&Rosie, and he’s useless.

Off the top of my head from toons that are still in use…
Shuts down:

Dangerous for:
Toons that Doc or Guo give ap to.

Makes far less effective:

And that’s not counting the damage that can be done from Trauma.

Granted, she’s not the best toon available in the game, but she has far more uses than just Aarav and Doc.


There are quite a few toons that recover different things, which can work for you with the right attack team. Command maggie recovers impair, take in an impair weapon or a neutralize… Mercer and aarav recover bleed and/or burn so mods are good against those… Pete recovers maim, which is good if you’ve already maimed with exhaust or use a maim toon. I have 5 or 6 different attack setups using angel and mostly f2p toons(shield andrea and zach are from sc, but I canceled that a long time ago)… She pairs well with bruce allan, wangfa, guardian rick, hengyen, diego, blue negan, yellow shiva, ivanova, kapoor(for the maim), jiafeng, daiyu, raulito. One combo that I like is wangfa(6*), jiafeng, and angel… With wangfas crosshairs and hemhorrage to all, combined with jiafeng hemhorrage (which does add to wangfas once) and lacerator, angels exhaust and trauma… They bleed out and stay dead… Funny to watch, sometimes they just explode when trauma kicks in lol


IDK I always just chuckled to myself whenever I saw an Angel defensive lead using my Priya/Zander/Doc team. Doc had 71% daze resist, so 71% of the time their Angel did nothing, and 29% of the time I just daze Angel with Priya cause no one ever thinks to use daze resist on their Angel

She is very good to counter many characters, combine her with good trauma triggers and u will see it go off often. Example is jiafeng who triggers trauma 3 times. Exhaust is also good to counter doc stevens and it cripples whole teams

I agree that she’s not as good on defense… I just use her on attack. I don’t have any sclass on defense lol

If you don’t have Christa, she’s more useful and stronger. But angel is good too. If you have Christa already.

Thanks. Last time I got James and he’s been very useful. That’s why I’m still undecided, coz I want both Angel and Christa. Lol.

Christa is a beast and defense down with all that power is really helpful. As is the waste not. But I wouldn’t take 50 angels for my Christa. That’s just me though. Lol. My opinion. And you know what those are like and everyone has one. Hahaha! Take care and good luck w whomever you choose.

Keep in mind with everyone having princess sooner or later (despite their ■■■■■■■ around milking the $ out of her, princess cards are more available all the time and literally everyone got a headstart on her for free) that Christa’s waste not and James’ CD2 are both susceptible to normalize, while Angel is not. Normalize seems to be the new hotness for more than just princess as well, gentleman the latest.

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