Android 4.3 Support Ending with the 22.5 Update

Hello Survivors,

In the 22.5 update, coming later this month, we will be ending support for devices running the Android operating system version 4.3.x and lower. To prevent any disruption in your game’s availability, you will need to ensure that your Android device is updated to Android version 4.4.x or higher.



Where do I find that Im supported?

Android Version says
Thank fuck.


I’m not sure who would still be on Android 4.3 lol


One of my factionmates, he’s been loading coming out of a roadmap for 8 months now


Your ■■■■■■■ joking lol.

If this for real ask if you get a image

I’m joking Chaos lol

Anyone with a LG Phoenix 3 or above will be safe. In lamens terms.

Lmao I thought it was real cause scopely has piss poor programming

So I checked my phone software is it under android version or kernel version

it will be under about phone. For most but if your on 4.3 your phone is at least 7 years old

damn my cant play on hax0r phone samsung s1 with my 100k attack chars with 100k def and hp

I still have Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a 7-year old tablet, which has attached keyboard and pen. Using it at home, connected with my pc, for various stuff and as my 3rd twd account for help with territories sometimes. I’m not sure witch offical version of android 4 its supporting but i have moded it to 4.4.2.
Still amazing battery life and great performance after 7 years :slight_smile:

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Guess it’s a good thing I bought a amazon fire tablet this week on sale lol

How can we find this out if our does? I have a galaxy note 9.

I use to play on a tablet back in 2019

Only annoying thing was the constant downloading 235 mb. Like bitch you’re not even updating just doing that on purpose.

I dont have that issue anymore on my android.

Go to settings and check system info and check android version. If you’re version isn’t you’re in the clear.

My android is like 10 years old I can’t even do half the tapjoy games lol. Only want it for cheap coins and tapjoy anyways

8/10 I lost my devices due to my teen rage issues(video games)
2/10 times I become clumsy and drop it.

This baby has no case. Drops 4 times screen first and no crack… Until my phone gets cracked to where I cant do shit then I’ll get a new one(It’s not cracked I wanna keep it that way)