Android 10 going live now

My phone is about to update to Android 10 just wondering if scopely updated the game to be able to play it?
When I did Android beta the game would not open and work, that was a few months ago though.

Has anyone with Android updated to 10? I’m afraid to be the bastard who gets locked out and lose my 1156 day progress.

I’m still on 7 :rofl::rofl:
Maybe hold off if you can till you can get a definitive answer. Bc it would blow if you lost your streak.

Dumb question I know, even though they’re as useful as an Anus on the forehead :joy:, did you ask in game support?

Maybe this might be the 1 in a Trillion chance they might know. Worth a shot if you haven’t as the Mods here are basically ghosts for some reason.

I said screw it and updated. So far all seems good.

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Does the game work on an Android 10?

Thank you for contacting us, we will pass on your concerns to the development team

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Best, William
- Harry, 11:23


Game opens and seems to work.
I have a Pixel XL, if anyone else wants to update to the latest version.

Only one thing so far wrong after the update, I had just started crafting weapons and one camp reset so had to restart it.

That’s cool, I bet that’s a load off your mind lol

Oof, guess not :rofl::rofl:

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Just to give more feedback, it is pretty smooth for a new os, not noticing any other things going strange.
I really like having everything in dark mode, also.

Pixel 3 xl here. Game works fine.

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