Andrea with CRT mod set & double att wpn

A question - is giving crit mod and mod set plus double attack weapon to Andrea makes sense? Is that counted as multi-attack to be beneficial? Or attack mod set sounds better?

Short answer…The second attack can also crit. But her AR is not a multi attack meaning the Crit damage sets are not as effective.
Go attack sets and a 20% AP shotgun with AP on attack


Agreed with Bane 100%. Go woth 20 ap to trigger her earlier so no need to use a yellow ap knife.

Double attack weapons are really most effective on decap/multi atk toons as their ability to extend the damage, even if just random, can be a huge swing in the battle.

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So it will be similar advise for new Tara - @Bane and @Wanderer ? Thank you, this is very helpful!

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In general crit sets are for toons that do something special when they crit,like disarm,confounding,guardian, collateral damage etc… or for toons with a multi hit rush so they can crit multiple times… andrea is neither of those.

Just remember crit set is for critical damage increase. Some confuse it with crit chance which is odds of dealing said damage.

For Tara you do not need 20% ap boost unless you use her without a huge AP lead (Andrea).

If used with Andrea put another Stat on her like impair when attacking. She does have on a roll, so double attack isn’t a bad option as her damage will continue to climb with each passing turn so this could turn very powerful but I’ve never play tested.

The difference being
76 ap = very large + huge = turn 3
85 ap = huge + huge = 80ap not enough for turn 3

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