Andrea red. Is she still useable?


Just got red andrea from anniversary pull… Don’t know if she’s still good or not… Thoughts? Who does she fit well with?


she does well against melee shes a pain in my ass with the right combat mods on her


on raids meh i used her on faction assaults or survival roads and sadly have 3 of her already 2x 6* and 5*


So she’s not worth ascending?


i would say she is but i use melee and had to deal with her


Blue Andrea has opened up more options for utilizing her.


She’s definitely worth ascending. Give her all defensive mods with a stun gun and AP weapon. She gives trouble to everyone in my reigons. Except those with luck or blue michonne


to me i hate this damn pain split but the bunus hp and confuse is nice so its up to you mate


She is a beast if you equiped good mods on her, and IMO only for defensive team. I use her in my team and I’m happy with her performance.


You know who is not worth your time?

Phuggin connor


I always thought people complaining about Connor was because they pulled a character, that they could have earned via ascendance, from the 3 Year token wheel.

But I guess not now. I don’t know about others, but I love using Connor. Be able to weaken 3 enemies, both offensively and defensively, helps me significantly.


i’d gladly take that connor


im one of the rare people who would take him in a heartbeat


Non ascended.

And I’m making a range team


I use her I like her


oh no she is totally useless you may as well use her for ascendance

she will be of zero use in any of the following:


Hah… That joke was dead


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