Andrea? now would be good idea!


@JB.Scopely maybe with this big eruption with the anniversary tokens offers now would be a good time to release the legacy Andrea to distract some people and make people happy but thats just the smartest thing to do in my opinion


No giving everyone the same deal as their “mistake” would be a good idea.

Look we all want an ascendable toon the problem is Andrea is going to stink because they don’t want any of the f2p toons to be worth a damn.


Rumour is there planning to slow down Ascension even more.
If you think waiting for Kenny was bad think again.

We are talking 3 months beween each one.
Rumour is they no longer want to ascend former 5* as they see no profit to be made and want people to buy there toons.
Power creep will grow again now they have released a lot of e former premiums in level up and with tokens.
I know these tokens have wiped out most of my advantages I paid for.
They want people like me to buy again to get the advantage back.

Rumour but…what do you believe?
I believe it.


Is this a rumor you just made up? Probably so.


Rumour is you made all of that up!
Any screenshots? Any proof? Anything but things you made up by connecting the dots in your head?


bullllllllllllshit buddy


I would be amazed if any legacy toons beyond what are on the current list are released BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR.


Sad but true


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