Andrea! My Favorite =-)

I was entertained.

OH and uh.

I miss you!

Still my favorite mod.



Told you that thread would go poof as soon as they noticed it. :wink:

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This thread is for acknowledging our favorite mod.

Which I really do like. She’s got that mystic watcher vibe.


Shhh don’t talk about m*deration

Otherwise this will get Fl*gged

And you’ll get B*nned


@Andrea_Scopely She’s the best. She answered a poll I made a long time ago about ice cream.

Forgot which one she picked…maybe I will go see.

She does that when your not looking. Slips a vote in here or there.

1984 was a good year. Or, well, you know.:joy:


Wheres Robert DeNiro when you need him?

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Its a good book, sitting on my desk right now actually, seems simular to some mobile app we all play… Hmmm :thinking:


She didn’t vote but made a comment so I then asked her to vote so she did. It was vanilla in case anyone is interested. :grin:

I wonder with the whole silence thing if any of them are allowed to vote on a poll besides JB? :thinking:

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Wait there were zombies in there?

Maybe I need to go re-read.


I’ve never been to Brazil.

I miss those days. The forums… Well new forums… We’re new. Alot of goodwill floating around.

I used to have access to some lounge. But I’ve long been banned too many times to be able to see it now.

Books are dif for me lol but the complacency of people nowa days i consider zombies and the zombie apocolypse has already happened

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I’m picturing you writing in the margins of every book you own ‘and then they were eaten by zombies’ where ever you deemed it fit.


More of a compliment than a replacement for the books.

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Does anyone remember the apple commercial parody of 1984?


Is that the new version of… In bed

Geeky is not type of parody I’m usually into. :wink:

Yup went there

… And then they were eaten by zombies.

See it works. PG13 even.