Andrea Glitch SC

I’ve her t3 already, used so many trainers and stuff, i bet you’ll not give all back to me, I’ll quit if my Andrea set to default when i wake up. @JB.Scopely good night.


+1 shame on on you if do that


It is being rolled back. Check in game message. You will get what you used to level her back and/or equivalent. Glad they are rolling her back, its about time.


Schadenfreude AF

then lets roll back people who got 12 ascendable toonn or 6*

What about the turkey trainers?

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While that one still pisses me off, people still had to pay for the toons. Letting people keep andrea leveled while others who are barely just now getting the update isnt right. Its basically saying group a gets subscription for free while group b has to pay for subscription. Everyone knew she would take special gear to levelup & everyone took a risk leveling her quickly when they knew it wasnt right. So yes, I am thankful they are rolling back…& im sorry people took a risk spending money to jump ahead on a glitch. Hopefully next time one pops up everyone will think twice when your wallet is involved.


either both of those mistakes are bad and people who could get 12 great toons for few bucks i cant call it a fair to anyone. most people spend hundrets to get 40x 4* so its should be rollback too

So who cares about the countless other screw up … all of the sudden now they wanna do the right thing ffs

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