Andrea Gate Explained Video


Profits is never a reason especially when releasing a new paid feature to. Target. Anew audience. Just shows the lack of companies integrity.

This was a real disappointment.

Didn’t detail alternatives for handling the situation and the pros and cons.


Pretty sure this reset is going to cost them more money in the long run than if they just let it go.

The right thing to do would have been to let everyone ascend her the same way and then come up with a new club toon. I’m sure a lot of us would pay the $25 a month for let’s say a green disarm decap toon with a leader skill.

As for now with what has transpired I canceled my sub immediately after the announcement to reset her was made and I also removed my credit card. This way I won’t be tempted to make a quick purchase in the future.

I’m not telling anyone what to do with their money but I absolutely would bet that I’m not the only one who did unsubscribe.


Sure but as far as content. Falls far short. I generally tune in to get more in depth thoughts. This was surface level and just… Here’s what happened.

And cutting into profits is not a justifiable reason as it is an attempt to enable a new revenue source from lower expenditure players. So we are talking prospective revenue, which the downsides of negative community reactions require discussion to fully detail the impacts.

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If I get everything back that I used, 50 odd bennies, coins, 5* used to ascend, medals, mods, scraps, money for offers, then I may stay subscribed. But if I don’t then that will be me, I already lost my 800+ log in streak due to no fault of mine, so walking away will be that much easier. I love this game, but losing all the stuff it had taken months to get, no just now.


Indeed. Prospective value is a complicated beast. And I’m certain this will be the long term impact for the negative.


That’s all it was supposed to be.

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The solution was so simple… I mean I can’t believe a company would be this stupid. Hey, we screwed up. Let’s just give the players this one for free and we can just design a new character that will incentivize the players to keep the subscription. I mean. It doesn’t take rocket science. Sure, some players will still get the subscription, but a lot more would have under this scenario. Idiots.


I don’t expect a rant. You do a good job staying out of that mess.

But I suppose I expect more perspective. Just felt it was light on the micro and macro view.


It said in some message they sent that everything people used to upgrade Andrea will be returned with 48 hours

I bet no refresh coins or league tokens

I also cancelled right away

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Yeah, if they do it correctly I personally don’t see it being too much of an issue (unless there is a perspective I am missing). They are reverting it back so that it’s an even start so I can’t really complain too much there and it’s something brand new so I can understand this is something you want to work out perfectly and structured.

I can see a pretty easy script ran to gauge the tier and exp level to give back trainers equivalent, based on tier that can give back the gear. As for the food, this is tricky. Did you lvl them up with trainers or 2s? If they give trainers back it would make sense to make it up with food based on trainers used which I think might be the case and this is where people may miss out (this would include me as I used 2s). As for the active and AR whatever lvls they were that can just refund liliths and ulysses.

The timing with Thanksgiving just really sucks too all around and the trainer gate :stuck_out_tongue:.


The trainer gate impacted far fewer people and thus would have been a far easier rollback… Done with scopely. Great videos though trolly! Love the tone!

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You expect them to look at every person and see how far they leveled or if they used lilliths and Ulysses? I don’t. I expect a blanket compensation which will fall short of what the players who completely maxed her did.

I would assume a script would be ran. I am not sure though. It would be how I would approach something especially if it was in numerous amounts.

Andrea was my first human shield 6 *
how you give me back the illusion of having had it and then losing it completely.

You are forgetting the offers people bought and the refreshes on depots people did as well.


Good point.

Yea my concern is the gold spent for trainer bags and scav speed ups