Andrea comic upgrade costs, VK leak

Fck yeah, this is the best subscription I have ever seen


why multiply? Unlimited greed!

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Why not?

It’s actually hard to notice duplicate topics when topic names are not self-explanatory.

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Going to take to long, greedy Scopely, she will be out of date when you get her levelled :((((

Wasn’t it 16, 18, 20? So instead of 14 weeks maximum to complete, it will take 19 weeks maximum.

So about $100 US.

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Just cancel the subscription. The only thing they listen to is data and revenue.


Quick Maths

114 total comics to max
6-12 comics per week ( I got 7 the first week, we can assume chances of 12 are VERY slim)
9.5 - 19 weeks to collect comics
$75 - $125 in sub costs over 3 - 5 months to max (knowing $copley, I’d just assume $125 and 5 months)


I quit a year ago, came back to see if the game improved, and come back to a mobile game with a $25 sub fee…6h9vXBI tenor

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