Andrea "A Larger World" still useful?

She showed up in my depot this week. I am short the points needed as she is not on sale so I’d need the full 55k. Not sure if I can sell enough to get there, but I guess the question is, is she still useful?

She can be if you need a huge ap ranged lead, she is fragile thou🤗

Hmm closest would be Spencer, but he doesn’t do AP up. I can see if I have enough to even sell.

Get her for her lead skill. Huge AP is very valuable


Ok thanks. I have 42k right now, so would need almost 13k to close the gap. I have 9 weapons for 50 SP, and quite a few I could sell for 150 each, but there are some I’d like to keep. I’ve sold all my 3* charadcters and just have trait trainers I could sell I guess.

Always good to have options of a huge AP on attack lead skill. Get her if you don’t have her because she’s your only option for purely ranged teams.

Don’t sell those 4 star weapons dismantle only for chances of duct tape and polishing kits

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Just my opinion but if u don’t have a huge AP lead then I’d sell the weapons to get her

Yea the only Huge AP I have are on Damage, not Attack. Specifically Javier, Garrett, Lee “No Time Left”

U should definitely get her. Rushes will hit 1 round faster depending on setup

Yea shes still good with a 20% can rush on the same turn as 76ap toons

I guess the decision is do I sell weapons or trainers? I don’t have any use for most of the AS trainers and I just keep getting more Ulysses. I might sell a mix of weapons and trainers. ONly need about 11k now after I found some more junk to sell first.

I just got her like a month ago, yes, get her! Huge ap lead and huge ap on weapon make you rush a turn faster which is freat besides facing a negan/wayland team but those are cheat teams anyway. Also she hits really hard, 800% is no joke and its not 20% chance like sergio to do that damage. She is a glass cannon tho, she will need def/hp mods or go behind a shield and she is a beast and will help your range team more than mira, spencer or wanderer

Weapons first then trainers if you still need more points, 3* and 4* toons also can sell

Cool just got her! Thanks all.

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I use her on my main attack team, she’s awesome

i got her from trainning ground long ago

Got 6* Andrea, the huge AP on attack is very usefull, sadly she is fragile, so try to keep her alive with Graze/HP mods…

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