Andrea 6* treasure map


Has anyone gotten the map? wasted like 5-6 cans tryna get it


I thought u quit?


This event sucks. I’ve used around 10 cans and nothing.


I already had her maxed before the event.
However, I found the map on my 7th raid.


32 cans and I decided to stop


I did get it with my 6 free energy tho I don’t really need another Andrea ha


Everyone comes back lol


6 cans so far and nothing
I really needed her damn have like 20 more but tired af and too high up to beat some of these teams.


I love how the people who want her can’t get her even after burning countless cans and then the people who have her are like, “I didn’t even want her but I accidentally hit the raid button and got the map without even trying”. Way to be that guy. :rofl:

Hope everyone who wants her gets her or at least that she shows up in an extreme sale in your depot.


At least 15 cans + free energy and nothing so far.


Cant win a raid for some reason so no chance of getting it


Its exactly this…


25 cans, nothing


True I’ve quit and came back twice


No map here and probably 10-20 cans used, but I just ascended her normally like most did


Wow. People are really burning that many cans. Scopely is so much smarter than I give them credit for.


Natural Energy. Probably only 3-5 cycles. The only luck I’ll have for the rest of the year.


Gonna go out on a limb and say some people forget that others have started over (some many many times) so an old school toon like that is near non existant to these people and would be worth burning cans to get her if they arent one of the unlucky ones amongst us that could drop 100 cans an be nowhwre close to that map.

Hell i have a level 105 account that still didnt have that Andrea on it before i gave up on the region(and game at that point :P)

Tho they did tease me a week or 2 ago putting her in my depot at full price when i only have 19k supply points…The bastages!


20 cans so far on one of my accounts where I don’t have her and nothing at all. Going to take a break


1.5k rep and 20 cans later… still nothing D: