And the scrooge of the year award goes to

SCOPLIES! Merry Christmas. Hmmm I have been playing guns of glory to get the 10998 coins from tapjoy. Im very impressed with how well they treat you there. You get rewards just for updating the game. Daily logins and for Christmas they gave rewards starting 12/1 through the 25th. And all the players got a message on Christmas wishing them a merry Christmas.


Bah humbug

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We are the scrooge cause we dont give scopely enough money, dont people understand we are the ones in the wrong :roll_eyes:


now bend over and allow scopley to have their ways.

This company gives 0 thought into “giving”.


I came to the conclusion there is a very religious (non-Christian)/atheist person in charge of the game. Hence the new year roadmap but nothing for December/Christmas.

It’s possibly some mis-guided thought process that handing out Christmas gifts will alienate non-Christian players.


I highly doubt co-founder Ankur Bulsara is Christian. Can be wrong though.

Why, they tend to give us a hard time… and the finger a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last year was bad, particularly last autumn/winter. We complain now but things have definitely improved lol

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Last year’s anniversary event was a complete disgrace. That event is supposed to be one of the highlights of the year, as players and devs celebrate another year of the game. The last one was complete trash, with one of the worst 6* ever released just as they were being replaced together with small quantiites of low-value resources, and to top it off, the toon wasn’t even available F2P.


I may be mistaken, but I think it has sucked every year after 1st. The 1st was great

The one before that was pretty sweet.

Green Garrett wasn’t exactly an amazing toon, but certainly not terrible. Wheel had lots of decent stuff, and I think getting a few pulls wasn’t too hard.

How in the actuly f*** do threads come back alltho their like a year old like wot