And the Next lvl up toon is?


Rosita , Barker , Wyatt , Barker , Bleu Yumiko , green Negan new threat , Or green Beta ?
I dont expected anything beyond that .


Harlan, Red Rick, Red Andrea, Richard, Guardian Zeke and so on.


Lol , only useless toon for months and when they completed the list the current good toon become useless too and so on ,


Green Negan or Beta is my bet. Pure Garbage.


Another yellow Joshua


It’s a Surprise Crate with either a chance for 5* Vernon or 5* Gregory, but none of them is going to be Ascendable :wink:


next lvl up toon :slight_smile:


Lol , I know it hahahahaha this game is sh***


Thats the reason why I did 7 million for Aiko. I knew the next char will be trash


I did 11kk and now they released Tara :disappointed:


I love this guy as 5* xD


10mil here :slight_smile:


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