And the 12th day is





What was the point of the 2 free robots if were only getting 14/12

Smh scopLIE


Hmmm… mixed feelings with this IMG_1333


Well. That was a massive waste of time, effort and resources.


To encourage spending obviously :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:




Overall this seems to be rather bad news for 2018. we should all manage our expectations for what is to come.

@kalishane was rather excited about the Christmas event and wrote that they took in a lot of players feedback. If the outcome is so divergent with the players sentiment, then prepare your self for rather more disappointments in 2018.

By all means this is Christmas! That’s the holiday you show your generous side. So if Scopely acts as Mr. Scrooge also on Christmas this means they had a very bad year revenue wise. It shows how desperate they are to meet the expectations of their investors and how far they are obviously behind. At the end it doesn’t count how much money you make absolutely but only how much you make compared to what you promised you would make.

Unfortunately Scopelys reaction to people not spending is not what the s.pendingstrikers hoped for. It’s exactly the opposite. They now try to monetize on aspects of the game which were f2p till this point (e.g. gear, world energy). I don’t say spending is the answer, but obviously Scopely is out of ideas how to refresh the business in a positive and inspiring way.

I‘m going to play the game in 2018 because of my faction and the friends I have there. But I don’t have any illusion that things will change for the better. I’ll be there when the game dies next year and I hope I’ll be able to cherish the good memories of the early days when it happens.


I won’t make the 12 robots anyway with missing 3 days, benny is an ok consolation prize for me hehe


While bending over for our good gifts from under the tree, we get benadict


You guys aren’t missing much anyway… Don’t get too excited when/if you do get enough robots.

Myself and everyone I have spoken to has scored the ho ho ho box. You’ll either get a tripod or knife sheath Yaaaaaaaaaay.


This is simply not true. I got a practice dummy from the ho ho box, and I felt like treating that practice dummy like a hoe hoe.


Yeah this event is just going to push more people away from the game. And that’s good.


I won the over. Disappointed it’s not Shiva. :frowning:


Essentially. It was a walkie. lol


I reckon when scopley did there office party secret Santa the limit was a £5 spend with a £100 entry fee


Kali thinking this event was good shows just how little she knows about this game. I would honestly rather have Johnny pancakes back ignoring us then have her taking our feedback to the team and getting garbage like this in return.


Imagine if we got any active skill or ar trainers or ascendence tokens… Man that would have been ideal. @kalishane


The worse is them taking our feedback and twisting it into stupid shit that nobody ever said like saying we asked for 6* buffs and that the levelup spam and new gear map formats were to “get us what we want”.



No way she plays this game and think those we worthwhile prizes