And now we have the USD50 weapon offer

Each Stamp token is sold for USD 50. Xmas for Scopely!

Seriously getting tired of these cashgrabs. I was telling my faction that I was actually considering spending for Mackenzie, be it I’m now strictly FTP, but now it’s just pissing me off

“Why spend this $100, whem you can spend another?”

“Well that human shield needs an abs defense axe, and Mackenzie needs an impair gun, how about another $100?”


after andrea gate im 100% free to play :muscle:

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Totaly worth it xdddd

Notice how melee is 50% but no mention how its split? 1% for stun, 49% for the crap one i bet

Next you will see a 6* shield on offer … uh oh

That’s already happened but thanks bud :+1::man_facepalming::sleeping:

I don’t know why they can’t just make all four of the weapons special instead of three good ones and one clunker.

You almost always get the clunker. I can’t justify the spend with that being the case.

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Them actually putting an offer up for straight money instead of RNG is at least new to Scopely. They love to offer the “chance” at something. Lol

I’m F2P ever since they messed up the pull wheels and I blew 3 40 pulls worth of coins and got nothing. Ever since then not a penny to them. And it’s gonna stay that way

This is still rng. The crap weapon surely has the best chance. 50% melee of which it’s probably 49.9 for the useless one

It’s brilliant KOA is also available for 100 bucks. Everyone will deny buying them but watch how many KOA and the AD Green weapon we see this CRW. Well played Scopely

For $50 you should be able to pick the weapon you want.


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