And just like that all was forgotten

:man_shrugging: everyones focused on onslaught and then a new bug/gate will come and everyone will move on to that one :man_facepalming:


Yes sir, it is the daily cycle after all


Nothing new from the community :rofl:

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Trust not forgotten, just escalated via other means

And scopely throws another event/collection out to help people forget, they think and hope that we will forget that th svp aired their dirty laundry to the internet and that smell will never go away :face_vomiting:

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This bug/screw up came out yestetday & still hasn’t been fixed.

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What’s the bug, my eyes are bad? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Lets hope. Im gon ab-- I MEAN REPORT IT (winks in evilness)

Just so weird, the collection looks fine for me. Have you opened a ticket with support? What did they say? What region are you in? iOS or Apple?

Looks like he can’t calm the collection even low he has more comics than need :thinking:

If anyone wanted to “Claim” the toon, they can’t.
No Claim Button.

Where exactly do I post this? The gold roadmaps look at the top what it says. They haven’t refreshed.


Gold roadmaps finally refreshed.

That’s what scopley was planning on that we forget about all the old collection items and the things they said they were going to change

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Some people haven’t forgotten. Some of us have uninstalled. It’s the option that was presented if Scopely didn’t follow through, and I think more should be doing it.

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