And here we go again to get stupid rewards!

Again with error in reward bag (FOOD RUN final reward)

Is this food map?

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Yeah it’s food run (hell) … I’m new so I can’t post two pics yet …

Is it something also encountered by other players?


Same in mine

Yup happened to me too

My bag is that too

Usually a bag of 500k food

Can you guys try the following steps to see if this solve your issue:

  • From a fresh open of the app - allow the app to remain open for 15-20 minutes uninterrupted
  • If that does not work, exit the Town menu by opening any other menu (such as World Map).
  • Allow the game to sit open uninterrupted for another 15-20 minutes, then switch back to the town


Really, if this is the answer you get from the team . I think you should call the Humains resources responsible in the company and report the person who gave you this magical technique.
I think he need a long I mean a very long rest from both work and :poop: he is smoking right now .
That’s not the answer you should get from a real software engineer man .
That’s an answer you expect from your grandmother when the TV doesn’t work not from an engineer in company worth millions of dollars.

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@Toura actually it is not - I want to try some troubleshooting to see if this helps with this issue as it has been happening in the past with similar ones.

I also would like to know if this issue is widespread or only affecting some users.


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I got one too & opened it but I didn’t realize it was from the food run map cause I have way too bags in my inventory.

You’re not my grandma, right. Lol
Thanks for the answer however we have wayyy too much bigger problems than that food bug .
and it’s known to be effect a small amount of players .
I didn’t had that issue before in my account.
The issue is simple that shirts bag is the default value of any bag in the game .
There is a block of code after the creation of the bag that doesn’t execute for some players I don’t knowthe reason . But That’s it
It’s not a big problem the only problem is that the team working too hard in other issues. I didn’t read your code but the logic says this .
I don’t blame the software team cause it’s Hard . I know that. Actually I blame the one who decided to bring new features to the game before solving old ones bugs .
Before going for more coding in your app make sure you closed old bug . It’s one of the first rules in programming man .
Maybe one in top 20 rules . And obviously in scopley you don’t take that rules in considerations.

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Yup, my bucket is broken too

Crap didn’t open mine yet was saving for lvl up brb.
Back. Mine was 500k food as advertised

@GR.Scopely many people here and in my faction encountered that bug and now that duration of Roadmap is already over , we hope it’s fixed next time.

Usually 500k food bag is blue, so I opened the brown bag assuming it was from scavenger run.

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Yeah many have made that mistake … it’s not ur fault

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