And Dwight Again

There is no doubt that you guys messed up with Dwight’s weapon and now players are doing w/e they want, can you please make his weapon upgradable like it is supposed to be. I do understand that assigning a weapon to him right now is too late and people will start raging , but making his bow upgradable like Yomi would really help many players.
Like I personally have chosen Dwight long time ago when you could use him as a team ally, because of his traight feature on AR.
Therefore , you can say make one for yourself , but it will take 1/3 possible upgrades which will short ur other characteristics on the gun !!!

Smh please.

Well you are not getting answer on topic like that, start with “I would like to invest in dwight’s weapon, can you possibly make an option to coin for improving it etc”

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Rofl , this will be like > can u please allow us to choose a gun for him for 500 coins … pls …:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I consider it very possible, it sounds dedicated and keeps the balance

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Why would anyone want a bound weapon on Dwight? I can use impair, double attack etc without spending any extra materials.


How is a dedicated weapon better than using any tough weapon in your inventory??

I guess he wants some better crossbows?

I dunno, I hate bound weapons.

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Either you want Dwights cross bow upgradable and still swap it out with any weapon or your current weapon inventory sucks and this special stat “stronger attack” is the only thing good in your roaster so let’s change how badass Dwight is for you…

Delete this thread

I want to use “strong trait “ like it was intended to be , without wasting 1/3 upgrades + u can leave medium AP BONUS and go for +40% attack and if you read my post carefully I’m not asking them to make crossbow a default weapon , but asking them to make crossbow upgradable :man_facepalming:t2:

Just put the trait attack on a military shottie

Scopely can just be scopely and just make this crossbow a regular one star weapon so we don’t have to read ungrateful comments like this thread

Just make this and put 40% attack on it, better than medium bonus

Not sure about this one. I almost reset both of these since I didn’t get the special I was after. Glad I didn’t. Which is better? Trait or double attack?

I think stronger procs more often but double atk is devastating on dwight

Something to watch. I like the trait since I get lazy to change my raid team. Is a double hit on a yellow by Ty better than a single trait hit? Anyone one shot a yellow with a Ty and trait?

Havent used tye, but stronger trait on yumiko hits yellows for 1-1.5k damage behind mirabelle. It definitely has its uses

Thanks! I also use Yumiko so I could theoretically have 5 toons with trait weapons and Mirabelle lead. Curious how successful it would be.

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