And again velvet cakes😠




Nice I don’t have either of them like every other toon do cakes are completely useless to me


Damn, I have Zachary, but not enough Velvet Cakes

Can we trade them useless cakes in???


And shit, not only are the velvet cakes completely useless unless you have a small handful of characters, even if you do have one of the lustrous rare characters they’re asking for, you have what 7~9 days to get them from 5* tier 1 to 6* tier 4. How in the world do they expect us to get all the levels and gear required to do that in that short amount of time?

Oh wait, i know what they expect


It’s bullshit


Most of those characters are premieres and maxed the day people get them


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yes oh i wonder i wonder how they max out characters in one day

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They have stockpiles and if not buy trainer offers.

No Elle here :frowning:

wait, is that one we already had, or is that the next one?

this is what awaits us

I just want the ice cream cones man, cakes don’t do anything for me if I have a 99.9% chance of not getting Elle and Zachary. At least with the ice cream cones I got a chance…


2500 cakee. Havent been able to cash them in for ages no point doing pulls

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