And again a p2p event

Holiday books : premium fk… pay and get another of ur Christmas gifts and gtfo… why scopely why do u hate f2p so much … can’t u just give some event where there is a guaranteed chance to get smth in the end ?


Arrogance of ignorance.

Gotta keep the masseuse paid so all the employees get the rubs they need.
Or the in house restaurant food we buy them.
It won’t get better.
They throw scraps at us and we are to be happy.
Now watch this get suppressed because of the truth.


How do you make a living?

Not stiffing people.


I think they aren’t even thinking of giving smth good on Christmas to us and thats for sure… plus I think they r lying down on couches and stuffing their mouths with pancakes with choco sauce and grinning rn … and they claim they r working on gold bar s class, this seems like unreal now to me … how much time will they take to release those toons … we all know they r lazy enough to copy paste the same toon with same skills and rush with minute difference

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Not by fooling people atleast

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It says premium in really big letters so how is that fooling somebody? You’re not going to get everything for free this isn’t socialism…

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Ok first of all I can see but u don’t seem to have a problem then why even ans ? Read the topic properly… I said again a p2p event , I never said they give p2p events in face of f2p (which actually they have done in past lol)

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Are you saying that socialism isn’t free? you sound really ignorant.
Do you have an understanding of what the word means or you just believe what you see on Fox news all the time.

We all pay.


It’s Christmas time , we all expect atleast one decent gift … if not releasing free s class wud have been appreciated as well

If u calculate properly even for spenders or mild spenders, s version of princess is not available…

First of all I appreciate you calling me ignorant it speaks volumes. Second of all it’s about people looking for a handout and a free ride. So I understand and I also understand that companies make a living by selling stuff not by giving everything away for free just because people think they deserve it.

Lol I mean they are kinda going overboard with the pay stuff atm. Like settle down. We already are in the middle of two.

Besides, the items in the mission collector aren’t worth it. Who the hell wants a gen 1 ascendable?


Merry Christmas!!!

As I was just told, they need that money to buy gifts too. To support their payroll ya know? Lmao, we are not going to get anything else free. We just got that pack with the torch for the road map :rofl:. I was deeply hoping it involved a roadmap or something we could grind out but even for such meak rewards ya gotta pay the piper.


Not everybody calls you ignorant.
Are you blaming everybody that just makes you sound more ignorant.

But if you read my first response it was the arrogance of ignorance which you seem to fall specifically under that category.
Looking for a handout or free is not what people are saying they would like to have a grind of all of that if they have a guarantee opportunity to further themselves in the game.
And two other point about making things more attainable for people who are being going to spend oppose the top and spenders is probably their target however the way that you’re speaking is as if your poop don’t stink.
So again it was me who called you ignorant and that’s because you cannot articulate a proper response besides defending.


They gave free cans, and a pull from the premium weapons event, that is your Christmas gift.


Yeah, the hand reached out for money is definitely there and nothing given in return. As lacking as the rewards are I definitely thought it was a grind event but who we kidding lol

Scipely on 25th dec ::Happy Christmas our lovely innocent players bcoz we have gr8 talents to fool u . That’s all we gonna say … take one more cans for each and enjoy ur holiday and don’t forget to gufo :joy::joy:

Let me rephrase this so I don’t sound so ignorant to some people.

I go shopping at Sam’s and all over the store there’s places to try samples for free. But most of everything in the store you have to pay for. Do you see where I’m going with this? More stuff costs so company stay open longer.

Damn, I’m glad I quit when I did.