Anarquistas Élite recruit

Anarquistas élite (wave 1a)

We are looking for players who want to participate in woc 4, we offer leadership in all events and a pleasant and respectful atmosphere For more information. Id line: richarmy87


Show other screenshots that war vv was with only 18 members :wink:

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Actually that wasn’t. It was the latest onslaught…but still… onslaught sucks


Thought thar was war, why would someone share onslaught result in recruiting lol


Onslaught is one of the most complete events in the game.

It shows not only the activity of a faction (mainly those that are played during the week) but also the skill of each of its members to face the enormous challenge of attacking rushless.

Building teams is one of the main factors of the game, and assembling teams that are capable of beating the defenses of any faction, even rushless, is an outstanding merit. And they can also get very good ideas by forcing yourself to leave your comfort zone and find specific alternatives for this event.

Furthermore, the record is published because it is the highest score EVERE MADE by ANY faction in onslaught. Even beating all the great factions that are in the Diamond IV league (VV, SE, CB, W !, etc etc). So yes, it is such an outstanding merit as to recruit through it.


Totally agree with u gray good job in onslaught and gl with recruitment.

Onslaught is lame…

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What a handsome young Magpie you have there.

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lol nobody gives a shit about onslaught

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Good luck recruiting AE :wink:

Good luck guys!