An urgent request to PC/Scopely

I’d like to request that the urgency in making an in-game newsletter or even a blog to get information from Scopely directly to the players be done as soon as possible.

I know there is so much to work on but communication is crucial and right now people don’t know where they should get it, so give it directly to them. A good example is how transfers is looking to happen on Sept 5th. This should be on a newsletter in game so everyone can get this information without having to hunt for it in various chat rooms or even bother CMs etc so they can be more focus on other matters.

I can only speak for myself right here so I will, I’d like it in game. I’d like it not to be annoying or in your face but somewhere I can look for it and maybe some sort of notifications if there is an update on it. I’d like it to have only information from developers and CMs on things players need to know, popular questions as well maybe CM responses to popular questions like “what happens to my plushies when romanov event expires” etc. This will clear up communication so much for scopely, the community… I can’t explain how useful this could be and how much the community would enjoy it and I’m sure scopely would too, especially their CMs. The best line of communication is a direct line of communication.

I think it should also be used for things like upcoming content, what’s being worked on or coming soon, Roadmap etc but for now I’d settle for the direct communication from scopely to the players in game.



Problem is that they are not allowed to tell anything until it is released.

They don’t need to tell everything, but there is an incredible amount of people that aren’t in JBs line chat or don’t read the forums that have no clue when transfers will be up and that’s just an example. This needs to be directly communicated to people in the game on such matters. Having to pull screenshots from other chats to be able to spread information is a terrible way to be communicating with the playerbase.


But a blog is on the making and part of the PROMISE


But we have no information on it and promises have been forgotten before. Some people don’t even know about the promises or have disregarded them already. This would be a good, big step in the right direction of the promises. Everything else done on the promises has been maintenance. I’m just saying this is more urgent than people understand and should be a top priority.

Well we are patiently waiting for that promised blog, but it seems more like a fairytale.

I’ve tried to stress the immense lack of communication and the community’s craving for official clear communication and updates on upcomings. Even if I admit we have seen more this the past 24 hours I don’t really have the feeling it’s sincere but forced.

So how about you prove me wrong now @ForumAdmin :wink: @GR.Scopely

If I can do it surely you can!



Communication is one of the focus topics for this week.

I brought up in-game communication about transfers.

I also brought up communicating better than, and prior to, vk leaks.

Other things were discussed as well, but these were my particular concerns.

I’ll be putting forward more feedback over the weekend, please feel free to send me more!


Spread the communication all over the platforms
In-game communication used more
Make sure they say the same thing on the platforms
Communicate why susped from game
Give update on common bugs like terrys
Dont make up excuses like the labor day thing

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There should only be one topic on the agenda… S class toons. Simply put, this game will not survive with another reset. I have faced Laopo. His increased stat boost is completely uncalled for. 98-99 percent of players will not be able to beat him. I need the perfect cadence to occur to even have a chance at killing him and I have all of the best attack toons in the game that you can name outside of the auto zach attack.

If they want the game to survive, this needs to be the last one (if they want to round out the traits then fine one more yellow) and make all of them eventually collectible.



I’ll always laugh at this.

Garbage. If normal players experience this with raven, doc Stevens, zachery, elle, Negan, Wayland, etc. and that’s ok, I’m ok with Lao destroying everyone.

Welcome to what everyone else has to deal with with ANY turn 1 teams that aren’t even s class.

If you’re going to argue something, argue it from the root or don’t argue it at all. You can’t be ok with f2p vs. P2p gap being ok but then complain about p2p vs. Mega whale gap.


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Thank you for replying. I’m glad communication is a big focus for you. I really hope to see some sort of communication line implemented in game so many can bypass special line chats and forums along with the headaches of scrolling through everything to try and find an answer on something or waste peoples time by asking the same one over and over :slight_smile:

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You always seem to comment on my posts for some weird reason. When did I ever say I was fine with the f2p gap? Perhaps you just missed my thread where I asked for scopely to make the next batch of legacies the best five stars I could think of?

If spenders who don’t pull for S class can’t beat S class, how can f2p? Just stop alienating players and trying to pit them against one another. Everyone who doesn’t pull for S class is now in the same boat or will be in the next few months. It was very easy to close the gap from f2p to P2P before S class. Now, it’s damn near impossible for f2p and hard for P2P.

If you don’t like my comments, it’s very easy to not read them.


You’re posting comments on a public forum. I’m reading them. Post them on a private forum and I won’t read them.

Gaps are gaps. If one is allowed all should be allowed. A “reset” would mean everyone starts at a same, new point. This isn’t a reset.

What it’s doing is making former minor whales teams irrelevant and they’re not happy.

You already said it, if ftp can barely beat or can’t beat p2p teams, what do they care about s class? Someone else said it best - they can’t kill me any harder.

It wasn’t very easy to close the gap before. You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Haha. Your so wrong it’s not even funny. All they had to do was put diego in a collection. Would have solved the problems for any f2p player with any skill. Now that’s no longer an option. So you guys can forget about ever getting even. Who do you think will be the first ones to be able to get the keys for Pete? Certainly not the f2p.

So I’m glad you have no problem with S class and your amused at players who spent a lot being upset. You are just awesome.

Thanks :blush:

I’ll pass on some suggestions to you but I honestly don’t think this is your job or anyone player/customer on the PC hence me tagging Scopley employees such as @ForumAdmin and @GR.Scopely

Official communication about a game to the customers of that game is the task of a company and not players trying to help.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate your efforts because I do but you aren’t accountable for what is said - they are :blush:

To me it’s a question of ownership. I don’t get my employees to communicate official company info - I have people hired for that because it can backfire and have a business impact if something wrong is said.

But I will send you something pending I have time. Might be busy with other communication - who knows :wink:


I hear you, and have a challenge for you: if they do this, how do they avoid the situation we ran into at the beginning of 6*s where there were 2 viable defense leaders, and everyone was bored to death of constant Mira/Carl teams? If there are only 3 S class toons, and all are grindable, won’t we be bored of the lack of diversity?

Forget about ever getting even? Who said we ever remembered? Who ever thought f2p would be even with p2p?

I’ve spent a lot, who said I wasn’t upset?

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That’s actually a great question. Perhaps after 3-4 months when f2p can collect these toons, then another set of four S class toons the spenders can buy? That would be a good system I believe. Right now, all we see is Donnie leads.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Pete and Laopo defenses for 4 months until the f2p finally gets them. Once they get them, give the spenders the ability to jump ahead.

You comments don’t seem to imply it. I think everyone, including the players spending for these toons should be upset.

It’s just a misconception that whales (and I don’t qualify anywhere near a whale) is ever okay with the gap and they constantly want to spend. Why would anyone who pulled for priya be happy about Laopo? They just buy them because of a thirst to stay at the top and a bit of a gambling addiction I’m sure plays a part.

We all need to stand together and stop S Class. I really feel like f2p just needed one or two tools to catch up (diego was the key). Now, we all need lots of help.


More in-game communication would be nice, many players don’t visit forums or use Line to get the official info updates from scopely.