An Open Letter to Drama-catur region


An open letter to Drama-cator,

There have been some recent happenings in Decatur that I, as the appointed King, need to address. This forum is the easiest way to address Decatur and the entire RTS community since I don’t have the time to Skype with each and every one of you, and the in game messaging is ridiculously short (seriously change that).

First and foremost, Wolfpack again went undefeated within the region this week during blitz wars and haven’t lost an intra region battle in a month.

Now some other things I want to discuss: there has been a rumor that there is a “fake” Vampire Bill on this forum. Although I first joined only about a week ago, I haven’t seen him. If you can read this you can read my name, which appears next to my picture. Although, if you are from Decatur you probably cant read this because it is well known that our region has an IQ around about or equalivant to 2. I can assure I am the one and only VampireBill on this forum and therefore the authority on vampire related discussions.

Some people are saying I’m done with the game and that I’ve retired. Let me tell you, I haven’t really warred in months so it doesn’t matter much. However, I will only be done playing the game if I can’t login to other peoples accounts.

Some people say that Wolfpack is dead. It’s alive and well, check the war leaderboard if you don’t believe it. You’ll see us there, above you.

Wolfpack has been around since the beginning of Decatur and we will always be there to get 1865 on your asses. For those of you unfamiliar with my background this is the year I was turned into a vampire… In the middle of the Civil War. We didn’t mess around back then and we would literally turn brother against brother and recruit one against the other instead of this “fighting in the same faction” business we have today. Yeah you know who you are.

On that note, I do need to mention things sure have changed a lot since the good old days of 1865. Lucky for us, our relations have been great with the Russians lately and they supply us with the best high tech weapons and technology has given us this great game and allowed us the use of bluestacks.

I have heard grumblings that Cafe is just another Wolfpack 2 venture, that everyone is planning on regrouping and coming back to the pack, that it is smoke in mirrors. I know a thing or two about smoke in mirrors, as I am a Vampire, I don’t have a reflection. Have you ever been wandering through your castle during the day, catch a glimpse of your handsome self in a mirror and just had to take a look? Oh you have, well how about when the sunlight comes in through the curtain and catches you on fire, looking in the mirror and literally all you see is smoke whilst you, yourself, are actually aflame. Nope didn’t so. Obviously I know more about this than any of you not only because I am a vampire, but also because I am smarter than you. Cafe Terminus is not smoke in mirrors and they do not burn vampires there. If they ever start to I guess I will have to worry, HAHA. CT is the next chapter of the Wolfpack and will remain to be pack strong because the wolves are there. As you know, the wolf is the power of the pack and the pack is the power of the wolf.

Now that the air is cleared and I have said my piece, I will let you respond. Not that I care what you have to say. I might feel like giving out a response, since it was Halloween this week and I am feeling very spirited, you know, since I am a vampire.

As always, I am available to send google cards for information leading the the capture of Tom Foolery in Decatur.


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This mini novel had it all, romance,betrayals ,deceit, jealously and shenanigans.

I look forward to reading the next part, perhaps with a bottle of whine.

are you one of those sparkle vampires or are you of the puffy shirt variety?


Rumor is that he is both…


As the self proclaimed king of Decataur, and rightly so, I am Bill’s left hand man.
Without me, Wolf Pack would have ceased to exist over a year ago. I have calfs the size of boulders because of all the carrying I do. But hey, my sweetheart loves my muscles (love you Amanda).
So you can refer to me as Decataurs saviour and #1 toon guru. Or sir will do.

You all need to stop disrespecting my best mate Bill and listen to his smooth tones. Then you will fall under his vampire spell. He runs Decataur and his will must be followed. We have the #1 region in the game & just because we have the faction name change to fool the other top region teams into taking us lightly, we still are THE Pack. But enough about the region, it’s all about me.

I know everything isn’t as exciting as Bill, but I am #1 so I don’t care. Haha.


You are the man Lames.

On the leaderboard and in our hearts.


Officially the best thread on the forums. You sirs, have my respect and admiration.


hahaha, a+




Wanderer here.

Not of the Decataur region, but would like to enlighten you Decataureneers to the way of the Wanderers. We are seekers of knowledge, and through this desire for knowledge of all things, are destroyers and creators, for only in this change can we see what we are truly capable of.

To that end I present a challenge to those Decataureneers and all those whom may set foot here. Seek me out when your world collides with Morgan Region. Let me show you the way of the Wanderers and set you on the path for knowledge.

The Wanderers. Seekers of knowledge. We create, only to destroy. We destroy, only to create.




The ego is strong with this one


too late, scopely already sold crack.




I come here to post about friendship and bringing my region together. Then you trolls try to hijack a thread and bully me? You can’t outplay me so you try to make fun of me on the forums.

That’s very childish. Who even has time for that?


You just admitted to killing your region…
So in the near future when there is just 1 faction left in your region don’t come crying for a merge or sympathy


My region is super natural and we empathize with the undead.


Well I apologize for jumping to conclusions and I thank you for recognizing me as what I identify as.


You have won this thread sir or madam. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wow my post was flagged? Really?