An idea to prevent faction griefing in wars


Hi there @JB.Scopely I know you and the scopely team are hard at work on the next update but can you please, oh please make it so only those in reserves can only repair your camp in wars instead of anyone in your faction can repair your camp? Right now I have an individual within the faction that when told not to repair a camp, he will repair it anyways and there is nothing I can do about it until the event ends as you guys made it so people cannot be removed from a faction during an event. This guy randomly joined DURING the event and then started repairing camps. This is not fair to those who want to strategically war. Worse part about it is I can boot this individual and he can come back or he can change his name and then come back and do a repeat of this all over again. As a somewhat new faction I can’t really set it to private and filter who joins mainly because people will not want to wait in joining so I have it set to a minimum requirement of level 10 with 1k rep. The individual in question is level 18 with 1.4k rep. Sure I could set the level or rep higher which I have tried but then again it makes it difficult to recruit and get people to join. Can you guys consider putting in some way where only faction leader can boot an individual even during a faction event?


If you have an inbox message from them, it will track them regardless of name change. Tell the rest of the faction to not approve entry, just you, so you can check if it is them.


I don’t sadly. They actually haven’t responded to my messages. I could always block them except the problem with that is my block list keeps getting erased as well.


The block list is wiped when the game updates. Kinda dumb but it does.

You can also look at their rep and raid ranking to see if it “looks” like them. Granted, those change, but not too rapidly in general (unless they like raid tourneys).


Easiest solution: Don’t play war
Second easiest: Take out war completely


Scopely wouldn’t do that since they wouldn’t make money lol. Also thus game is built around events such as war.

@DomoOrigato. I don’t know this person well but could try to keep track I suppose. I still think scopely should put an anti griefing method in the game.


Drop everyone who can approve new players to a lower level. :thinking:


Block private messages from them. Can then track them easily


What if they don’t PM you at all?


Click on their profile, and hit the block button under msgs. Doesn’t matter if they have pm’d u in the past. And then if u suspect someone is a person u would previously decided I didn’t want to deal with you just look at the profile, and if the block is on you then know it’s that person Can even track them across multiple regions that way as the block will follow, had to do that for a friend who was being stalked a while back by a shady character.


I can do that but it would be a temporary fix mainky because every time there seems to be an update, my block list gets wiped so if they changed their name then I wouldn’t be able to find them.


@JB.Scopely Easy fix would be to require a ranking of Runner or higher to start repairs. Then if you have someone acting as described above you can set them to Newcomer and they would not be able to disrupt the faction.


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