An idea to actually make Survival Club worth it

Knock the price of the club down to £14.99. Maybe £16.99 at the most.

With the club you receive all the current bonuses but now you can allow your pulls to stack so if you want to subscribe and wait till you have a 40 pull, you can do so (better odds).

The club should also have special roadmaps that cost a lower amount of energy. Trainer roadmaps, gear roadmaps for the 6* stuff we all need, maps to collect 4*, 5* and 4* weapon tokens. Maps to collect th special currency required for token wheels and stashes.

The current monthly coin pass should also be absorbed into this new and improved survival club, giving you the nearly 2500 coins and the monthly box toon with it.

All offers and deals should be 20% cheaper with the club and the free offers we periodically receive along with grab offers etc. Should have the amount of times you purchase them doubled.

I think with all the changes I’ve listed Survivor Club might actually be worth the asking price. Just barely, because we all know at the moment the asking price and the ‘benefits’ or lack thereof are a sick joke.


God bless

I’d probably even be willing to drop £24.99 on the club if it was like this with the road maps being available every week.
Of course it’s too rewarding to the players so it’ll never happen

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Lol not gona happen.

Wishful thinking I know but hey if the Club fails hard enough like it looks to be maybe they’ll make the changes.
Sadly the Whale factions in my region have all subscribed for god knows why?

Something needs to be done cause its not worth it to me at all but thats ok, $25 saved to be used on anything but this game im more than ok with

They dont like thier money?

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for 25$ i can buy 25 kilo of pierogi.Delicius


Ohhhhhh thats looks amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I’d half all timers to

One thing I disagree with is the gear road maps should be available for everyone not just subscribers for survivors club.


now you make me hungry, cant wait for Christmas and beetroot :slight_smile:

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So you expect them to cut the cost of the club, make it actually worthwhile, and also include the $10 coin dead as well? :thinking:

:rofl: Are you new around here? Keep survivng…and paying.

If they had any clue how much more they’d make using the suggestions above compared to now where 90% of the forum user base refuses to pay for it then they’d do it.
Looks like the club’ll be a flop. Fingers crossed

in current status 25$ should be yearly not monthly

Yeah I’d be willing to pay the current price for a yearly or even half year subscription, I’d feel I’m getting my money’s worth but £25 a month :’) I can go out and get like three full length pre owned games with that, go for a nice meal, go cinema three times, or save two months and get a brand new game.
Value isn’t a thing here, it’s plain robbery


I agree with everything. Scopely has a very hard time pricing things correctly and look at things with greedy eyes. They don’t realize that if they price things fairly and actually include stuff that’s worth it, they would get a ton more sales.

Yep if this was cheaper and stuff in general was a fairer price I’d probably spend a hell of a lot more money on the game than I do. Atm I just spend on the 99p deal here and there

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Yeah £22.99 a month is a pure joke. There’s plenty subscription based PS4 & PC games that give tonnes of bonus’ for half the price, some more than that. The benefits of SC when you break it down are kinda shitty. I was gonna subscribe till I seen the actual price. But like posted before, plenty of other ways that money would be better spent. 100000% not worth it.

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How does that give you better odds? Nothing changes at all except you get to tap the screen less times. I don’t undersatand your rational