An idea on how to utilisewood

@kalishane You get flooded with comment about wood - we dont need it, it’s too much, what do we do with it etc…
Here’s an idea for you guys: could the wood be donated to faction and then the leader could opt to purchase faction bonuses for it, for example:

L1 1% def for all faction members for an extersionate amount of wood
L2 2%
L3 3% and so on, you get the idea

Then the same could be done for any other bonuses: crit chance, HP, ATT, drop bonus, and so on and on.

At least it would give a purpose to having wood and collecting it, it would also add another dimension in terms of strategy - does the leader opt for HP or for i.e. increased drop bonus in hope of getting 4s weapons etc etc

If anyone is about to comment in line with “it’s scopeley, forget about it” then feck off

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That’s what she said EYOH

Sorry I’ve been at the Baileys already

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TBH, anything that gets gets rid of my materials would be greatly appreciated. I don’t even need a reward for it, just let me give it away/delete it.

Currently I start manufacturing grenades & then when my materials are full again I cancel all the grenades (some of your materials will be lost as storage is full, blah blah blah)& start all over again.
It’s painstaking but necessary, especially with a raid event coming up.

hmmmm… why cancel all your grenades? Just craft more?

I am currently on my way to fully upgrade my last buildings… after that, I think i have some more stuff to research, but coming to that point when wood is utterly useless (armory activities aside)… Would be nice if we have a small expansion of the town with maybe a new building (market or converter or whatever) where we can trade resources (2:1/5:1 or even 10:1, i dont’t really care)… @kalishane , is this something that the team has looked into already?

If you cancel while your material storage is full it returns all the items you need to manufacture the grenades (tools, gunpowder etc.) to your supplies but you ‘lose’ the actual materials.

Just means you never run out of the items you need for crafting.

ok… so you just do this to never get the “storage is full” notification whilst raiding or farming? The end result is the same (wood lost)…

Then charge more money to remove that implementation when you realise it cost 200k wood to craft a stun gun :rofl:

“when you realise it costs 200k wood to TRY and craft a stun gun (and many prayers to the RNGesus)”

They just need something that costs only.wood like they do for food

Yeah, but food is still usefull after (level up)… Wood becomes almost utterly useless at some point…

Never mind @kalishane

You know what wood is good for?
Making paper.
Which makes books.
Which people read.
Which you apparently don’t.
There has already been an active thread on the forum today talking about the matter of too much wood.
I didn’t even bother reading your ideas because you didn’t bother reading what other people have already written about this topic TODAY.
Read before you write folks…

Get a life and chill out. No need to be a dickhead

OK now I actually read what you wrote and 2 things:

1: “it’s scopeley, forget about it”

2: Scopely do not care at all that we all have too much wood and it is a constant annoyance with all the notifications. The only viable solution is a super-simple one i.e.: make the basic replenish cost wood instead of food - a fix which would take a coder all of 3 mins to implement.

Please can everybody stop wasting time explaining great ideas on what to do with wood, they do not care, most likely nothing will ever happen and we can all rot in notification hell, the only thing they might possibly do to fix this is something quick, cheap, & easy as in either making replenishes cost wood or, your mom…

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easy there big fella… just replying to something that I read BEFORE going into the other ones.
Its christmas time, time to be nice to one another. No matter what your frustration is, I hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy new year bud.


meh fair enough
hard day
harsh mood
not proud to be rude

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Never will happen. No money to be made

I understand…hope you feel better soon bud…

Indeed, they will never spend any amount of money on doing something good with wood.


A quick flick of the switch removes the problem.
It would be point blank full-retard for Scopely to not do something so very easy to shut up all the very valid complaints about too much wood.

That said, there isn’t a great deal of evidence that Scopes isn’t a tardfest so I’m not holding my breath…