An idea for future wars

Had a random thought there and was about to post as a comment but rather just post it as a topic for more views ?

So for people wanting 6v6 and for people wanting 8v8 why not make all regions both simultaneously

Before people start pooping all over it let me explain

Queue opens as normal, bodies pile in, if the queue reaches 8 people they can hit search and be matched with another queue of 8 people, but if the queue doesn’t fill and only 6 spaces fill up, allow them to hit search and be matches with another faction searching with a queue of 6

Fifa is one example of a search engine like this with pro clubs , if you search with 5 human players on your team you are usually matched against an opponent with 5 human players on their team

So allow for both searches to be possible , maybe make it so that the points don’t differentiate that greatly having more people in your lobby because obviously 8v8 you can score more hits than 6, but that could also be the bonus of getting 8 is that you get more points and would drive people to have 8 deep queues as much as possible

It means like late night factions struggling to queue can still do 6v6 during lull periods but 8v8 during their busy periods

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That’s been proposed before. I’m skeptical because it will all quickly adjust to where 6v6 is the only viable option anyway. The low level factions will always start searching when they reach 6. The mid factions will think ‘I want to have a chance to score points, so I have to search with 6 because that’s where the low levels will queue’. The dolphin factions will make an easy decision between searching 8v8 and being whale fodder or 6v6. And when everyone else is searching 6v6, the whales will end up searching when they hit 6 because it will take too long to match if they go 8v8.


That does make sense but there has been times in factions when the queue opens and 15 pile in lol

Most factions should wait a minute or so for their allies because they need milestones and crates too lol so would be about communication

But there has been times I’ve seen factions sit with 7 people for an hour or more because their allies are sleeping so the option to hit search for a 6v6 could help them greatly. that way people still get to do 8v8 like they want but 6v6 is also an option should they struggle to queue

I have a hunch highly active 1st place factions greatly underestimate how long the 2nd and 3rd place factions in their region take to queue.


I have seen it from both sides sadly lol. Last crw my faction queued from 1am to 7am with 5 people in it

It was super not fun to say the least

This all day LG :+1:

Just keep it 8v8 and allow a bot system. If after an X amount of time, your faction can’t get 8… it is filled with bots from your faction.


How would the ai bots that join the queue act ? Would they go for towers ? Follow attack patterns? Or would they just be space fillers in place of bodies ?

Totally do this! All day! We will have so many factions of 1 super strong player with 29 mini bots. War is now a solo event and i won’t have to battle anyone for milestones, just queue up myself, wait for 7 level 20 bots to get added, match with another player doing the same and feed each other for an hour just killing and repairing the minis. Soooooooo much better. Let’s do it.


I don’t think one person would qualify but go ahead take it to extremes!!

I can literally hear the sarcasm here :rofl:

You can make it that the option is only available when you get 6 in the que. How many factions use a body system? What’s the difference?

But sure, nice sarcasm. Let’s just do 6v6 and waste cans and energy and punish factions for being active. That’s a WAY better solution.

Bodies just like factions use now. No different.


Next war all you 1A folks will get your 8v8 back for the next 4 or 5 wars so calm your tits.

It’s still a better system than going 6v6. Everyone gets to use up all hits on each can. Factions have been using body systems for as long as I can remember. Don’t see the big deal of allowing two bodies in there when factions get to 6.

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I’m not against the bot idea, but I’m a realist and I know scopley doesn’t have the ability to pull that off with out screwing it up royally. I much prefer @Jadcmsu idea of having all wave 1 8v8, just let the lower factions xfer to wave 2 first.

Wave 1 can bleed itself dry.

edit to clarify 6v6 works for alot of folks, but I guess that’s harder to see from near the top of the mountain.


You will have some spending or mild spending factions who would drop and try to dominate wave 2. I also think as you mentioned, war is going to get really stale facing the same factions every week. They need to go back to 8 region crw so the matches don’t get stale fast.

I’d be ok with 8 regions too, less likely I get stuck facing VV, TTT and DR all at the same time that way :joy::joy::joy: