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I have seen chatter on the campaign mode and what should be done/added. There has been talk that Scopely should add more missions to campaign as it has yet to finish, but we all know that without some sort of incentive/payment, they will not do anything. With this “rule” in mind, I came up with an idea that I think will please everyone: ‘nightmare campaign’ missions. I for one, have forgotten the story behind the Survival Road game, but this can prove well for me and others that maybe just want to remember the story without starting on a new region. the idea with ‘nightmare campaign’ is that all of the levels are, you guessed it, in nightmare mode; with this in mind, you can replay the campaign version of the game.

Now with incentives in mind. When you first start the game, you realized quick that completing campaign gives you those shiny coins that have Rick and Michonne’s faces on them. And when you find out that they’re one of, if not the main currency in the game, you almost farm the campaign until your little 3 stars and maybe 4 star cannot function. Now lets say you implement this “nightmare campaign”, who cares? It’s campaign, I just farm 13:3 for whenever i have nothing else to do with my world energy. My idea would be that the ‘nightmare campaign’ would reward you with many things, better gear (say 3* gear or even 4* gear on even the first mission), better weapons (why would you want useless 3* weapons when you can get an arguably shitty 4* weapon?), 5* toons, more xp, and coins, literally what all you players are begging for. The missions could give such better payout than farming 13:3 on the normal campaign map.

NOW, why should you, Scopely, ever listen to this idea? You can make it hard, stupid hard. You already have all of the data and code that you need to create this, you just need to inflate the numbers about 5 times over and you’re done. How does this help you? It creates incentive for the players to pay money to get better toons to combat the 2* boss with 8,000 health and all of his/her goons with 4,500 health. Then, with that money that they spent, they can get the coins that they want and then maybe even be happy for once.

With this, you could do more with the campaign, you can make branches off places from where already existing missions are and create a new map similar to how the roadmap tab works. In addition to new areas, you can create new stuff for more people to pay money for, like 5* weapons or items for museum, or even a new area where you have another settlement that you have to look out for.

There’s much you can do with this idea and help the happiness of the community grow. I only hope you can at least think of this idea or one similar. I’m not demanding anything insane like for you to give out tons of coins or free letters as I’ve seen people demand. All I ask is for consideration of my idea,
Thank you.


I like it, the tricky part will always be, they don’t know how to make challenging content without it also being cheap as hell, if it’s too much in the way of sponge stats and greater chance weapons not too many will even bother

I like it. Just to add:

Make it nightmare road as you suggest, make the prizes better (drops better toons/trainers, more xp, better weapons etc), make it so that first completion of each stage awards a small amount of coins, and here’s the kicker for Scopely… Make it so that when a toon does, they are permanently dead for the purposes of the campaign map unless you pay to revive them.

@CommunistElmo3 - Thanks for the idea - I will share it with the guys :wink:


Danke! I appreciate that greatly!

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No pb :slight_smile:

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