An honest review of 5* weapons

This is my opinion, keep it real scopes


So is the champion thing a person or just a symbol

(Im guessing you nuked your account)


Scopes couldn’t figure out the coding for an avatar apparently


Congrats I guess. I would’ve personally just sold the account.


Idk. Some people would rather grind on their own account than buy or have someone give them one. That’s lame.

Good for the original poster.

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I don’t really think it’s lame. Some people lose their accounts, and don’t like to completely restart all over.


Okay. Well that’s your opinion. I have mine. All good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just don’t see how it’s fun benefitting from someone else’s work.

You would rather pay scopley thousands than pay a single person a couple hundred? (Not you specifically but players in general)

No lol. I wouldn’t pay anything. It’s against TOS anyway.

The way I see it is I wouldn’t even have gotten a small fraction of what I put into the account (not including time) so it wasn’t worth the bother. Also, depoing that shit felt a hell of a lot better than a 40 pull.


That’s fair. I wish you good luck in whatever mobile game you move to. I’d suggest Raid: Shadow Legends or Galaxy Of Heroes, or Mortal Kombat Mobile, all of which I’ve honestly had more fun than this game lately.

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I guess this is it, the final retirement (or is it?). Take care man it was fun playing with you!


Wow I wish I could do that
Bravo Dantera


Agreed this new armory stuff sucks


I dabble with summoners war here and there but I play console mostly

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Yes this is it for sure good luck bro

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Sold it to who? Nobody bugs accounts for this game anymore unless they need a decent alt and it happened to be a very stacked account

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I’ve bought some before.

Carol is the champion i knew it

This isn’t aeris. There are some players who stick to their promises to quit.