An easy change Scopely could make that we could all agree on?

More roster space! Stackable trainers! Seriously, something needs to be done, I have tried to whittle the roster down and it’s not working! I know I’m not the only one.

Seriously, I think small quality of life improvements like this would mean a whole lot more to people than false promises about balance and 15 different collections going on at once.


We can only dream about positive changes.
If someone does not put their heart in what they do but does everything for profit then it is as it - sucks.
They dont have passion to this game :-1:t2:

I can 100% get behind both of those. I think the roster cap needs to be removed and there’s no reason why trainers should multiply or stack. I’m on board

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I’m on board. What are we supposed to do once we have 150 6* and 7* characters?

Right? And now they want you to have 2 copies of a fully maxxed 6* to make an sclass, it’s ridiculous.

UX need to be all over be fixed.
50 teams that you cant move order on?
Cant use fixed team in SR, need to do them again?
No search for toon in roster?
Cant choose how many tokens to use on recruits?
any much more

Trainer’s, bag’s, crates, & mod boxes all of the same types should be stacked by now. Instead of taking up space.

Who cares about roster space if I only got useless toons

I think the problem they’d run into is that it is all predetermined, each coded with separate super secret RNG odds, plus each have items that are empty.
So because of that they are not the same and can’t be stacked as the same.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabababababahahahaha! Ah thanks for the laugh. You think this company stands a chance of listening to player feedback and make positive game improvements. Wake up bro, they do not care! All they want is more moolah in the bucket.

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