An analysis of CRW Vs Regular war

Before i start this i will preface this by saying, yes this information is isolated to my region (and 7 other in CRW) but i believe the trend is universal ,but if you have evidence to the contrary please let me know.Also this is based on just the token values not milestones or other items.
Hopefully attached is a basic spreadsheet showing the data collected.

In my CRW there were 8 regions, by Comparing war rewards and placing in this tournament opposed to individual war placements, it seems that unless you win the CRW if you are in a top faction or even a medium placed faction you will gain less tokens than if you just stayed in your own region to fight and if you are inthe top 1/3 factions in your region by quite a significant margin.

CRW rewards need to improve significantly you have 8 times the factions fighting for the same rewards as regular war, and as the charts show above you no matter the position you are fighting for you need to put up more points for fewer tokens ,while the less active factions aren’t affected as heavily the to factions of each region are.

Data should be in the link showing all the calculations etc showing i have not made this up.


It’s an issue because if you want to scale the prizes in the 6-10 and 10-25 and so on, you also need to scale 4-6, 3,2,1 places. I’m not sure they want to go to let’s just say 5000 tokens for first place. If they have canteen AND gps this past war for top 25, my faction would have stopped warring very early. At this point, extra tokens and one extra Ulysses isn’t worth the resources and time.

I think the issue is 8 regions is just too many. Too many first and second place factions finishing in the 10-25 range. 4 region crosswars would be much better to insure fairer prize outcomes. Not sure why they moved away from the 4 region structure.


I entirely Agree , they haven’t scaled rewards for what is supposed to be the premier event in game and this is meant to show this

Also I don’t think 8 regions is a problem I think if you win out of 8 regions prizes should be insane not 20 k tokens


Make this part 4th to 8th then give all the rest tokens, keep it at 8 regions as the,small waiting time between match ups is what make crw so fun.

You see I think 4-8 then 9-20 gets an f2p ascendable in 5* form then go fir tokens

Ppl find the dumbest thing to complain about, no matter what we do someone will complain, and negativity spread faster than a wild fire, truth is teams are competing hard for crw only for bragging rights as the rewards sucks, if this continue top teams will start settling for the top 3 spots which they get solely off activity and crw will be pointless

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