An addition to our Roadmap I think is needed with the new Ultimate Gear Roadmap


I find myself doing only this roadmap as it just makes the most sense in terms of getting items for me to progress currently. With this addition though, I am finding myself playing the game less due to the energy cost of this roadmap. I am not asking for changes per say on the energy of this roadmap as I think the result will still be the same.

With that said the point I am making is I am spending my energy so fast which results in me not really playing the game as long as I normally do (almost x4 the amount I would say). So in-case anyone else is also feeling this as well I am suggesting that during the week when the Ultimate Gear Roadmap is active we have a 0 Energy Roadmap active. This roadmap wouldn’t give the best rewards of course but it should drop a new or old currency which we can spend. The ideas of what this currency could buy if a new one is considered would be a whole different thread/discussion as I am only trying to appeal to game activity time as this roadmap just destroyed that for me.

Lvl 103 perspective for energy costs too btw.



Scopely always does the opposite. Instead of giving us the legendary gear map that they PROMISED, they fucking nerf the ultra rare gear map because fuck you that’s why